And The Moment Arrives

May 2, 2011
My heart was pumping and my knees were trembling as I slowly and diffidently walked up the stairs. The endless steps finally lead to the stage, a large vast field filled with the unknown. Will people like my speech, the opus that will determine my future? It was hard to tell, but as a headed for the podium, I heard thousands of supporters in the crowd, extolling me. I’m not sure why I was so nervous for this day. My ideas and opinions were adamant, I made sure of that. I knew once I was elected to be in the running, this would be an inexorable experience.
I thought a lot about this day in my past, always wondering if I’d get here. It’s a cliché of parents, always wanting their kids to grow up and be the president. That’s a pretty large expectation. I actually always had rancor towards politics. Why should we trust a random person to lead the country? They just professed ostensible ideas, never to be brought to life. Later in life, I realized I could change this. I can be the disparity, and this was my chance. I was ready.

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