The Great Crash of 2011

May 2, 2011
By ArtistOfAwesome BRONZE, North Platte, Nebraska
ArtistOfAwesome BRONZE, North Platte, Nebraska
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Everyone knows, that in schools you take tests. But, there is one in particular that Tykes Middle School student have to take. It is called a MAPs test. This year students grew tired of it. Three students specificity; they hatched a plan. A plan like a plan no other; for it was better than all other plans. This plan was called The Great Crash of 2011. I'm Alexa, and this is our story.

“I'm tired of taking tests,” I said grumpily. “I know.” Jack agreed. “What are you talking about?” Marissa interrupted. “We're sick of taking tests and I think I know what we're gonna do about it.” Jack informed her. “This will go down a week before the MAPs testing.”

“What are you talking about?” I asked confused. “We're gonna crash the school's computer system.” Jack told them slyly. “It will only take a good plan and some favors.”

They got into a group huddle to discuss their plan. “This will get us weeks of detention and probably expelled.” I informed the group. “But, it's worth it.” said Marissa, “Then it's a deal we crash the computer system.” they all agreed. “How do we do this without teachers finding out about this?” I Asked. “Two words,” said Jack, “Study Hall.” “We meet in the teacher's lounge, but now we go over our roles.” said Jack. “Marissa, you are the brains.” “Hey!” I said. “Hang on,” said Jack, “That's only because you're the brawn.” “Me” Jack said, “I'm the computer genius.” “But,” I said, “we need an inside man.” “Someone to get us keys and access to the computers.” Out of the distance we here words that snap us to attention, “I can help,” said a kid named Isaac. Isaac was a scrawny red head with large square glasses, but I could tell Marissa had her eye on him from the beginning of the year. “What are you talking about?” Marissa asked trying to be casual. “Obviously it wasn't working on Isaac, because he said, “I want to help you crash the system.” “Quiet down!” Jack demanded, “do you want the whole school to know about our plan?!” “Anyways,” he said, “I am the hall monitor; I have keys” he said. “Great!” Jack said, “you're our inside man.” BEEEEEEEPPP, the bell rang we all strolled away ; Marissa, Jack, and I, walked away in pairs. The next day we discussed our plan more thoroughly.

“This is how it'll go down in Study Hall we'll all get a pass to leave; we'll meet in the teacher's lounge as we agreed. Isaac will get the keys, and the computer cart.” Jack told us, “Right,” I said. “Then we'll turn them on. We'll open the test sight, we'll all start at the same time, then we all hurry back to class to watch the great crash.” I told them.

Today's the day; The Great Crash will got down in three hours, I thought. I saw Marissa in art; she gave me a wink when the teacher started talking about computers. “Do you really think this is going to work?” Isaac asked Jack. “We have a fighting chance,” Jack told him.

Finally Study Hall came, and we all got passes. The teacher's lounge was quiet; other than the radio that only played information that an eighty-year-old woman would need to know about the early-bird special at Frank's Diner.

“Are we really gonna do this?” Marissa asked. “There's no backing out, now,” Isaac reminded us in a tone unlike his own gutless-little-weasel voice. At that we unlocked the cart and turned on all of the computers. We rigged the system so that when we hit the button the tests would start. “Exactly how is this gonna crash the system?” Isaac asked doubtfully. Before Jack could talk, I interjected with, “Each computer hitting enter at the same time is too much for the system to handle; therefor causing the system to override.” “Impressive.” Marissa and Jack said at the same time.

The system was rigged, but now, we had to block one of the teacher's lounge doors; that's where I came in. I stacked table, after table, in front of the door. On my own thanks to the absence of Marissa, Jack, and Isaac who were being look out.

We jammed the back door with an old pencil and got back to Study Hall; I was in control of the button, and I was to decide when to push it. At recess I did.

Marissa, Jack, and Isaac were crowded around me when we saw lights flickering in the school. “IT WORKED!!” Jack shouted. Marissa and Isaac; caught up in the moment, hugged and then awkwardly stood there.

We were so ecstatic; the teachers could not rebut the system; testing at Tykes was over!

And where are we now, you ask? Marissa and Isaac are happily dating; Jack is training to be a computer technician. And me? I'm right there in the middle, focusing on my art. And this is the Memoir of The Great Crash of 2011.

The author's comments:
I wrote this about something that theoreically happened to me.

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