The Almost Perfect Life

May 3, 2011
By gabbys BRONZE, Maitland, Florida
gabbys BRONZE, Maitland, Florida
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Ben Smith had the “perfect life”; Ben was captain of the basketball team, he was exceptional in school, and he graduated high school on honor roll. There was never amiss with him. Nobody detested him.
Soon it was graduation day for Ben; he was graduating on honor role and had his best friend beside him. Maria Johnson; Maria has been Ben’s best friend for years. They were like glue. They knew everything about each other and they told each other everything and anything. They were like twins. But on that morning of their graduation they had no idea what was going to happen that night.
Maria went over to Ben’s house after taking pictures and getting ready with her family. In fact they were family, always together. There were hugs and kisses, tears and smiles when Ben walked down his stairs ready to graduate from high school. Then he was off with Maria, driving to their old high school.
Meanwhile graduation was full of tears of happiness, joy and remembrance, and much, much more. Afterwards Ben was invited to a graduation party. He accepted but as usual where he went Maria went. They agreed to go together.
Afterwards Ben gets home from graduation he goes straight to the mailbox. He has been waiting for months for an acceptance letter from University of North Carolina also known as the college of his dreams. He was a frog trying to catch a fly; patient. As he goes through the mail, anxiously, he sees a single letter, a crisp, clean, white, beautiful envelope, with the UNV logo in the top right corner. As his heart dropped and his eyes got wide he slowly started opening it. As he pulled the letter out he took a long deep breath. Ben started reading the letter, and then he was smiling from ear to ear. Ben Smith was accepted to his favorite college, on a full scholarship. Ben was ecstatic, even if he might not be able to attend… but he didn’t know that yet.
Later Maria showed up at Ben’s house at about 8:30. They were going to the party. They were both ready to have a great night and off they went. After the party they were ready to head home at about 12 a.m. They both got into Maria’s car and they started talking. Maria admitted to something. Maria admitted to being head over heels in love with her best friend… Ben. Maria looked at Ben with a stare so sweet, and then in a split second they swerved and were capsized by a huge truck. They were simultaneously ejected due to momentum. Luckily they landed like light lambs. The airbags had a flaw and didn’t deploy. The flaw was prior damage that hurt the airbags.

Blink, Blink, Blink. Maria woke up flustered.
“Where am I?” Questioned Maria.
“You’re in the hospital sweaty” said the paramedic.
Maria started to remember what happened.
“Where’s Ben? Maria said in woebegone. . She was sad, in fact she was beyond sad, Maria thought she would never come out of depression.
“In the room next door being nurtured.” Said the paramedic.
Maria stood up and walked in Ben’s room Creeeeeeeeek said the door and she leaned in to see his family over him. He didn’t look good because the airbag didn’t deploy on time and he didn’t have his seatbelt on. The doctor said he was in a coma and had a fifty fifty chance to survive because of the flagrant crash. Oh no he’s going to die thought Maria.

Three month later Ben’s parents were in for their daily checkup with Ben. Suddenly he started to stir. His eyes opened huge and wide. He blinked a few times, and sat straight up.
“Where am I?” Ben asked.
“Ben your awake!” said the Nurse.
“WHERE AM I?” Ben demanded.
“You’re at the hospital, you were in a flagrant accident when you were driving home about three months ago you slipped into a coma and we have been running tests ever since.” Explained the Nurse.
“Maria?! Where is she? I need to see her. Is she okay?! Is she alive?!”
“She’s in the other room. Just rest you will see her.”
“I’ve been asleep for three months and you’re telling me to rest?”
“Fine, she is next door.”
As Ben walked into her room, he saw that she was sleeping. Then he sat lightly on the side of her kissed her on the forehead and whispered to her “I love you” she slowly awoke and when she did she looked up and said “I love you too” they kissed. And it was beautiful. A miracle happened and two people fell in love.

About a month later Ben was finished recovering and made it just in time for basketball season at UNC. And Maria was at every single game.

The author's comments:
Our piece was very well planned and inspected and thought out. We put a lot of effort into our work.

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