To Late

April 28, 2011
By Ariel_Berrot DIAMOND, Lansing, Michigan
Ariel_Berrot DIAMOND, Lansing, Michigan
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"Like men we'll face the murderous, cowardly pack, pressed to the wall--Dying but fighting back." -Claude Mckay

Mom had her cop friend babysit me last night, and he fell asleep on the couch. I took the gun from its place in the leather sling around his waist with being noticed, and headed back to my room and went back to sleep.
I’ve kept it all this time, and now, I think I can use it. I was never taught how to use a gun, but I’ve read about it. I was pretty good at it, even though I never really used it. I just kept it; I knew one day I would be strong enough, or maybe weak enough, to use it. And one day I finally got my opportunity. I could hear the argument down the hallway, echoing through the entire house. It was happening again, just like always. I could feel my house transforming into a battlefield again. I turn up my music trying to drown it out, I blast the volume as loud as I can but for once it doesn’t help. A loud thud slammed against the wall beside my bedroom door making me jump. I turn it as high as it will go, but I can still hear it. The thin wooden door was torn from where it stood as he came barreling in to my room; my sanctuary. He was screaming at me and I could feel the hot tears streaming down my icy cheeks.
I felt his steely grip on me as he shoved me down and started hitting me. He was strong, each time his fist connected with my flesh I screamed, but it just made it worse. My nose was gushing blood and I could feel the softball sized lump on the back of my head. Finally he left me laying there, but it didn’t end. I was crying and coughing up blood while the continued to fight in the other room. There was a weird cracking sound, and it took me a moment to realize what it was. Fiery hot pain seared through me as I felt my leg break. I started to scream, but his hand connected with my cheek so hard I became dizzy. When did he come back in here? I thought he was in the other room. I listen hard to the words echoing from the song playing and try to make sense of it, but I can’t concentrate.
I crawl over to the lockbox where I kept my new toy; that gun I stole from my mom’s friend. I spin the dial unlatching the lock and rip the lid open. I take the gun into my shaky hands and hold it up in the lights. Over the music I hear the obnoxious sound of my ringtone and scared, I pick up. “Jon, you’ve gotta make it stop!”
“Just calm down Ariel.” He says, trying to portray the same, but I can hear his breath pick up pace. “What’s going on?”
I quickly explain the war taking place in my home, but it just made it worse.
“I’m on my way.” He says, his voice rough.
“What good will that do?” I shouted at him, flipping off the safety. “You won’t be here in time!”

They say that females won’t shoot themselves in the head, cause it would mess up their face. But those are conceded people.
I manage to pull myself up to the bed and sit there in pain. I don’t know how he understood me with the blood rushing from my nose flooding my mouth and the sobs tearing at my raw throat.
”Did you hear what I said?!” You scream at me through the phone. “Huh?” Is all I manage before he interrupts me. “I’m coming to get you! ” “Don’t bother! You don’t care! It’s too late!” I yell into the small device before I throw it at the wall watching it shatter. The battery hits the floor; I hold up the gun. The back lands beside it; My finger grazes the hammer. The screen crashes and cracks; I pull the trigger back.
I shot echoes and shoots through the window. I can hear the sirens down the street now, but they’re too late as well. I have to make a quick decision now.

Everything that’s happened in the last year rushes through my mind all at once. The feeling of everything was overwhelming.
I heard the cops pull in as I raised the gun to my head, closing my eyes.
“I’m sorry Jonathan, but you’re wrong. I’m not better than this.”
As I pulled the trigger, I was curtain as I felt to bullet impact my skull, almost as if I’d been punched. I could have sworn I heard Jon scream my name and “NO!”
But it was too late. He was too late. They were all too late. Just like they always were.

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