Ping-Pong Champion

May 2, 2011
By blew6 BRONZE, Commack, New York
blew6 BRONZE, Commack, New York
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There once lived a ping-pong champion named Joe Johnson. Joe was such a good ping-pong player. He entered the military and played ping-pong during his time of service. When he returned from the military, he started playing ping-pong at his house. Joseph entered some ping-pong tournaments, and won every single one of them he entered. Joe was so good he entered the national ping-pong association and played against the best players in the country. In the National Ping-Pong Association of America (NPPAA), he was number one in the power rankings. Eventually, Joseph became bored with ping-pong, and he was jaded with it. He would efface his opponents in minutes, and it wouldn’t even be a competition for him anymore. Joe Johnson had such good charisma he would mesmerize people with his skills on the court. Joe was just so impeccable on the ping-pong court, if you saw him play for one rally, you would understand the gist of the match. On June 23, 1988, Joe Johnson played Josh Smith. Smith was six feet nine inches tall, and weighed a remarkable three hundred and fifty pounds. Smith was an ogre of a man. He was the biggest entity anyone had ever seen play in the NPPAA. They played a great match, and in the end, Smith came out victorious. That loss for Johnson was the turning point of his career. He had decided to walk away from the game, forever. Johnson didn’t want to bandy with the media or anyone else. People thought the move was dastardly, and didn’t like it. No one tried to advocate the game anymore since he walked away from it. The NPPAA had never seen another player like Joe Johnson again, and no one ever heard from Joseph ever again.

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Read about the ping-pong experience about Joe Johnson.

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