Barely Alive

April 26, 2011
By ExpressingLife BRONZE, Wheeler, Texas
ExpressingLife BRONZE, Wheeler, Texas
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By: Me

A gun shot, screams, car screeching, people yelling, sirens. That’s all I heard when woke up. I was having trouble getting my vision to focus right when I heard a police officer asked me if I was okay. I tried to answer but nothing came out of my mouth I could not talk. The officer asked again if I was okay this time I tried to raise my hand but I could not feel it. When I finally got my vision to focus I could see blood everywhere I was sitting in my car that was now crushed and shot up. I tried to figure out what happened but I could not seem to remember all I knew was that my head in unbearable pain. I sat there for a couple of minutes in shock and the next thing that I remember is the paramedic putting me in the back of the ambulance and taking me to the hospital.

This morning I woke up in a good mood and I was ready to go to school. Today was exam day and I had studied the night be for and I was ready for the tests. I am top of my class and plan to stay the top of my class. My mother and father are very proud of me. Sometimes they say that I push my self a little to hard and I have to admit I do like to push myself to me A’s all the time and even when I make A’s all the time I still think that I could do better. Okay back to topic well after getting ready for school I was thinking about walking to school because it was a beautiful day out and I need the exercise. On the other hand I decided to take my car because I needed to wash it so that I could take it to the city to go shopping. However taking my car might not have been a good thing that morning for the reason that the last thing I remember was a guy standing in front of me with a machine gun. I remember him start shooting and I remember me swerving around him and then I don’t remember anything after that.

When I wake up the next time I am in the hospital my mom is crying at my side. I try to move my hand to tell her that I am up but when I try to move my hand I can’t. I look down at my hand it is there but I can’t move it. In addition I tried to sit up so that I could stand but I could not move my feet let alone feel them. I start to cry my mom looks up and immediately calls the nurse the nurse runs in she says “she just woke up she might have already figured out that she is paralyzed”. In result all I can do is look at them in horror. My mom tells me that it will be okay and all I can worry about is my schooling I tell what about my exams I have to talk them. She tells me that I don’t need to worry about them right now and that I will be able to talk them once I got better.

The doctor came in and told me that a guy shot my car down and when I swerved that I went in to a ditch and rolled my car a couple of times and that I had gotten shot a couple of times and one of the times a bullet hit the back of my seat in my car and went straight though and hit my back and that I was paralyzed from the neck down. From that moment on I could not move my hands or feet. I ended up taking my exams but I could not write so they had my boyfriend write for me. Through most of the exams all I could do was cry because I really loved to write and I loved school for the most of it. After that my life was really hard but yet I finished school and I also became an artistes but the art was very unique because by the time I got finished with school and every thing I could hook up a machine to my head and I was able to control a metal arm that I painted with.

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