Loose Knots

April 25, 2011
By CreativeDreamer SILVER, Buffalo Grove, Illinois
CreativeDreamer SILVER, Buffalo Grove, Illinois
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I wiped the sweat off my forehead and took a seat on one of the park benches. I should have known better than to jog two miles in this muggy Florida heat.
As I slowed down my panting, I eased myself onto one of the benches. I took a deep breath. The air smelled like grass and rain.
The rest of the park was vacant, except for another jogger I could see appearing in the distance.
It was a tall, muscular man coming up the path. I watched his long, tan legs run at a steady pace. I could see his gray t-shirt and tight black biker shorts as he came closer.
He stopped when he reached the bench. He put his foot up on the bench, bent over, and started tying his shoe. The knot he tied somehow came loose. His hands tensed as he tightened the knot.
He must have felt me watching him because he slowly started inching his head up.
I recognized those hazel eyes right away. They looked into my own eyes with no feeling or expression.
I averted my gaze to the perspiration on his forehead. Those eyes were just too much to handle right now.
He let out a slow breath and backed away from the bench. After stretching his legs, he quickly jogged away, leaving me to stare at the back of his sweat drenched t-shirt.
Those long legs propelled him forward until I saw nothing but the clean, black path.

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