One Lose Screw

April 19, 2011
By , Sussex, WI
It is the only thing that can cause all else to fall apart. I am the only one who understands the importance it. One loose screw with underestimated strength and ample capability. The one that hangs by a thread. The one that determines the fate of all other parts of the car. From the driver seat, we overlook the reality of its existence, just trusting it will hold.
Its existence is crucial. It is the component that holds the car together. Without it, all of its weight is pressed onto the rest of the screws. This is how destruction can occur.

Everyone forgets its reason for being; they let ignorance wash over them, allowing them to trust all the pieces of the car as a whole. Holding, holding, holding, the screw will until it can’t anymore. It must.

When the screw it too worn to keep holding, when it can’t continue anymore, then it will finally fall. When the screw falls, so shall all else, leading to the devastation of the car. One who grasps, against the odds; defying gravity. One whose very existence sustains the fate of the car. One whose reason it to hold and hold.

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