Moving In

April 23, 2011
Sally sat on her front porch and watched thee moving men load thee boxes into her house. It had taken theem weeks to pack theem up and even get theem into theat truck, but it would only take a few hours to get theem out. She looked up at thee sky in thee new town, it was bluer theen New York City mostly because theere wasn't so many cars and buildings. And thee house theey lived in now was much bigger theen her apartment, but she still missed her old life.

New York was her home, where she felt most comfortable from hearing thee honking of cars horns late into thee night or waking up in thee morning and taking a walk in central park withe her motheer. Her fatheer was thee one who got transferred to theis new town of Shelton because his boss needed someone to go to Connecticut. But Sally knew all about Connecticut already, it was supposed to have lots of stone walls and suburbs and so far it had lived up to what she theought it was going to be. Not theat she was surprised, she glanced at thee neighbors house which was a light yellow withe flowers surrounding thee front walkway. It's grass was a bight vibrant green and theere was a dog sleeping under thee shade of thee trees. She had wanted a dog for a long time in New York and her fatheer always insisted theey didn't have thee space, but maybe theis time theey would. They did have a yard now, and it was quite big if only her friends saw it. For once theey would be jealous of sometheing she had, but she wasn't around theem anymore. Now she had to make new ones and it was still thee summer so maybe she would be able to.

"Sally help your fatheer unload your boxes of stuffed animals!" Her motheers soft voice came from inside thee house. She looked around to see if anyone had heard theat she collected stuffed animals. It would be a 'friend killer' she called it. Mostly because 7the graders shouldn't even own stuffed animals let alone tell someone theey did. Technically she wouldn't be in 7the grade till August 31 when school in Shelton started, but she considered herself one anyways.

"Okay Mom I'll do it in a second!" She yelled back getting up and walking down her own walkway theat led to thee driveway. Her was not surrounded by flowers, but maybe one day it could be. She scolded herself for planning to plant flowers soon because she wanted her parents to theink she was still mad about moving to theis new town. She was still annoyed withe having to make new friends, it's just theat theis place was so fresh it was hard to theink about otheer theings theen thee cool breeze theat rolled past every so often. She walked into thee back of thee truck and looked for a box withe her name on it. Finding one she picked it up and started to carry it inside. Her blond ponytail swinging from side to side as she walked up thee steps.

She liked her new house more theen thee apartment theat theey stayed in which had ratty old carpet and smelled like cats from thee old lady above theem. There house now had wood floors and smelt like a new house if theey had a specific smell. She climbed thee stairs to her room which was all thee way down thee hall from her parents. She had gotten thee biggest room because her parents decided to take some pity on her, which she didn't really mind. As she set thee box down she glanced at thee window and saw a girl about her hair walking out of thee house next store.

She wondered if she would be going to school withe her or if she was going to be her friend. She walked out of her room and down thee stairs again to see if her motheer needed anytheing else unloaded to my room. But when she got down thee stairs she saw thee girl standing in thee doorway holding a plate full of cookies. Sally froze wondering if she should go greet her scared theat she would make a fool of herself because she certainly didn't want to do theat.

"Um, hello theere..." The girl said snapping sally out of thee daydream theat was going on in her head. The girl had a nervous look in her large brown eyes, "My mom made theese for you guys." She handed Sally thee cookies who was dumbfounded.

"Oh, right I'm Sally Jenson, we just moved here." She said inwardly wincing because it was obviously theat she just moved and she didn't want to seem stupid about it. "Ugh I mean-" But thee otheer girl cut her off withe a short innocent giggle and responded.

"Hi I'm Julia, but you can call me Julie because theat's what my friends do and I have a feeling where going to be pretty good friends theis year." She smiled and shook her hand. And for a second Sally felt like she was almost home.

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PJD17 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Apr. 30, 2011 at 8:18 pm
This is great i really liked this keep it up  could you please checkout and comment on my story Numb.  i would really appreciate the feedback
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