Realistic Fantasy

April 22, 2011
I'm in high school. Grades are looking sharp and I am liked by close friends. I love music. I love drawing. I love singing. Clothes, boys, inspiration, love and peace. The beat under my feet. My name is Aymii Grace. My face smiles every day that I am happy. I am on the Cheer Leading Team for my school. My friends told me in a note that a boy was interested in me. Rolling my eyes, I sighed and read the note.

Carly: Hey Aymii :) Someone likes you! (excited)

Me: (I raised an eyebrow) Who might that be?

Carly: Jacob Fisher.

Me: Who's Jacob Fisher? (confused – I didn't pay attention to every guy in school. )

Carly: He wants to talk to you at lunch. (Happily)

Me: Alright. ( not so enthusiastic )

Lunch time came around and she wasn't kidding. Jacob Fisher sat down next to me. When he did, my friends got up and left, giggling like they had done something devious. I took a bite of my pizza and looked over at him. Jacob Fisher. There was something different about him. The way he took information in. He was definitely into art. His tray was filled with a salad of art. Mixtures of greens and reds and yellows.

Jacob: “Hey.”

Me: “Hello.”

The conversation was like two mimes. Silent. He took a bite of a green pepper and looked up at me. I realized he had the most amazing blue eyes. I was stunned at first, but snapped back when he started talking again.

Jacob: “You have a problem with talking?”

Me:(flabbergasted) “What?”

Jacob: “You have a problem with hearing?”

Me:(Not impressed) “Haha, very funny buster. My friends tell me you like me, are you just trying to make a fool out of me?”

Him: “I do like you.” (Honesty)

Me: “You do?” (slightly confused)

Him: “Do you have a problem understanding?” (laughhed)

Me: (taking it lightly, smiling) “Haha. You like music?”

Him: “Maybe” (teasing)

Me: “Love like its all that we know...”

Him: “...Believe in what we feel inside, believe that it will never die.”

Me: “You do!” (Caught him)

Him: “I do like you.” (laughhs)

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