White Rose

March 24, 2011
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What do you see in a white rose? Beauty? Tranquility? Purity? Any of the other vibrant words turned dull from overuse? Does someone really see the beauty in the white feathers sprouting off a stem? Do they see the true purity in a part of cloud plucked from heaven forced to be attached to the cold earth? Do they really see anything they say they do or is it all empty words? Do they only glance and see the outside faded white petals or do they take a closer look and see the drops of sunlight it has captured in-between its layers? If they have missed the simplest detail in a white rose what else have they missed? How much of their life have they spent only seeing outside never inside? Did they ignore the rays of sunlight reaching out to them through shaded trees? Did they see the mountains reflection on the mirror that ripples? Do they notice how the sea turns to glass and the dusk clouds touchdown to earth blending with the blue waves? How do they see a night sky? A black canvas with spots of light or light seeping through the holes of a black blanket covering the earth? Don’t miss out on the beauty of the world. When you stop to smell the roses don’t just glance but see. See what others miss in-between its layers. See the white rose and find out what it really is. Is it really what others say it is or is it something more? It’s easy to find beauty in the most complex thing but it’s hard to find beauty in the simplest things. But how can you find beauty in a common white rose? Simple, walk outside and see it for what it really is. What is it? A white rose, you just have to come up with the definition.

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