Is this love?

April 20, 2011
By Static14 BRONZE, Muncie, Indiana
Static14 BRONZE, Muncie, Indiana
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“Do you doubt that I love you?” He screams “Do you?” sink deeper into the couch cushion. You know the answer. Yes. You know you think about it all the time. Honestly you hope not, because if this is what love truly is then you know you don’t want any part of it. If this is love than why is everyone so happy when they find it? “I asked you a question!” He says getting in your face. “I-I-No.” You say fighting back the tears. “Then why did you do this to me? Tell me so I understand.” Ironic because you know he will never understand and that you aren’t the one that did this to him. “I’m sorry David. God I’m sorry, he was my lab partner we were in the library and I let him buy me a coffee! I didn’t think it was such a terrible sin. It was just homework. He’s not my type anyway!” You say trying to sound brave. “Well, that’s not what my source said happened. He said you were flirting up a storm and now you’ve made me the laughing stalk of the whole football team. Do you know what they say to me? ‘Ha! Sissy can’t keep his woman in check. Better get her!” Do you know how embarrassed I am. “Then dump me. Right now go on.” He looks at you and says “You’d like that so much wouldn’t you so that you could run of with momma’s boy from the library! No, you will not do this again, you hear me? Because you love me. Right? Well shape up and start acting like a loyal home maker!” He yells his face redder than a tomato. “What if I don’t want that? David why do I have to be the quiet, good house-wife. I’m sorry if I refuse to sit here and cook your meals locked away all day! I can’t live like this David, and I won’t. Your going to change or I’m going to walk. That oughtta give the football team something to talk about.” Immediately you want to shove the words back into your mouth. He crosses over to you and you feel the sting of his hand on your face. Then a second time and you taste the blood trickling from your lip and nose. You can’t control the tears. “You will not cop an attitude with me. You will be the house wife and you’ll love it. Or else!” You nodd and avoid looking at him. “Can I go home now?” You ask softly. “Wipe the blood of your face and get a clean shirt from my closet you can come back and wash that when you do the rest of my laundry. And if anyone asks you feel down the stairs because you’re a stupid klutz and your amazing boyfriend was nothing but sweet and nursed you back to health. Got it?” He says angrily. “Yes…Yes David I will.” Thinking the entire time that love sucks.

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on Apr. 27 2011 at 2:47 pm
Valhalla-is-calling GOLD, Waterboro, Maine
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wow. this was a good story! Guys suck! He sounds like a jerk


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