You Saw Me

April 20, 2011
By dancegirl13 BRONZE, Roslyn, Washington
dancegirl13 BRONZE, Roslyn, Washington
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I finished the routine with a double pirouette, then with a sigh took a few gulps of water. My jazz-slash-contemporary-slash-hip hop dance needed a lot of work if it was going to be ready for my dance studio's student showcase in May. I needed to clean up the middle part, choreograph an ending, figure out how to - oh my God. I had turned around, and I saw someone seeing me. Through the thick, soundproof window of the studio, but seeing me, nonetheless. You must understand that I'm one of those invisible girls. I'm the one who's face you can never quite remember, no matter how hard you try. I'm the one who you knock over in the hallway, and I don't get anything but a grunt of apology in return. I could stand right in front of you, slap you across the face, even, and in a few minutes every trace of me would be gone from your mind. No one ever sees me. Really sees me. But there I was, being seen. It was Josh Johnson, the most popular guy in school, standing and staring at me with his mouth slightly open. I quickly turned around and looked at myself in the mirror. No boogers, check. Shirt and pants on, check. No excessively bleeding wounds, check. Why was he staring at me? How could he have possibly seen me in the first place? That just doesn't happen to me - especially not with the hottest boy in my junior class. Now I knew I had to figure out how to avoid the awkward walk-by-and-speak-to-him-after-I-caught-him-staring-at-me-for-an-unknown-reason moment that was inevitable if I walked straight out into the waiting area, where Josh was. Still looking at me. Why is he even here?, I thought. He definitely doesn't seem like the dancer type unless....well...maybe he's just been in the closet and he's finally coming out. So I pondered my options. I could hide in the corner of this room until he leaves. Wait - no, that wouldn't work, I have to be home to babysit by five. Maybe I could put on one of those ridiculous costumes that's hanging up in the back and walk out with that clown mask covering my face so I don't have to talk to Josh. Maybe I could get out through the window?? No, I told myself. Just talk to him. Don't be shy. So I took a deep breath and walked bravely out to the waiting area. "Hey." He stood up from his chair and took a few steps toward me. My breath caught in my throat when I saw his tousled brown hair and emerald green eyes up close. And he smelled so good. "I know you, right? You look really familiar." he said. "Um, yeah, I'm Katie." "Oh. I'm Josh." I suppressed a laugh. "I know." His hands slid into his pockets, and his cheeks turned pink. Barely pink, but still pink. Even I could tell - he was nervous. Around me. Could this day get any weirder?? "You're a really good dancer. I didn't know you were a dancer." "Oh...thanks." The conversation was moving slower than I had ever thought conversation could. "Yeah...I was just here for my little sister's dance class." I nodded, feeling more awkward every second. "Okay, well I have to go, but I'll see you at school?" "Yeah. Bye." So I walked out of the studio that day with a bag of sweaty dance clothes, a routine that needed some serious help, and the knowledge that I might not be as invisible as I thought.

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on Apr. 27 2011 at 2:34 pm
dancegirl13 BRONZE, Roslyn, Washington
1 article 0 photos 26 comments
sorry it has that weird '&quot' thing where quotation marks are supposed to be....don't know why it did that!!

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