Foster Child

April 20, 2011
By Anonymous

When you live in a home that doesn’t feel like home or just with a friend, you don’t feel welcome. In this home you have siblings that hate you and would do anything to get you in trouble and parents that always scold you for things that aren’t that bad at all. When you live in this type of house you just want to get out of it as much as possible, stay with friends or stay out all day and go home at night when everyone is sleeping. Foster Child is someone that lives like this and he stays out and stays at friend’s houses so much that he got the nickname foster child.

About Foster: Foster Child always wants to be out of his house because when he was there he always feels like he isn’t wanted, but when he is with his friends he always feels like he is someone and feels wanted. Foster Child’s life was a wreck sometimes, but it got better as he went along. Foster lives in the city and some of his friends live around him. He has a few siblings and his mom and dad. He has a cell phone and everything in his room that he needs to keep him from being bored when he is in it. He has saved up money so he can get things when he wants them. Foster hates school like everyone else out there but still gets somewhat good grades. He, his siblings, and his parents have moved around a lot, and he hates his new home because it doesn’t feel like home. Foster has school and drama like a normal teenager, and this is a day of his life.
As the morning starts he would get up before anyone else is up, because he wants to be out of the house by the time they do get up. When he leaves his house he takes one of his favorite possessions, his bike. He makes sure he has all of the things he needs for school and then he rides off. In the morning he might stop and talk to his friends until they have to leave, but some mornings he just wants to be alone and think. Today he is going to stop at one of his friend’s house. When he gets there he calls his friend to get him up and to come unlock the door. When in the house, he and his friend just sit and talk for a while but eventually it is time for his friend to leave so he gets on his bike and rides off again. He takes the long way to school so he doesn’t have to be there for very long before school starts.
When he gets to school he parks his bike and goes in and gets his stuff out of his locker. As more people start showing up for school he talks to his friends more and makes plans for after school so he doesn’t have to go home. Then he goes to class and people that don’t like him tell him to die or call him names. The harassment doesn’t stop no matter what he does to try and fix it. He is a good student but can’t concentrate on school because there is always so much on his mind and he can’t get his head and thoughts to stop racing through his head. He hangs out with his friend every time he can every day, because that’s the normal thing to do when you’re not in class and he talks to them about what’s on his mind, sometimes they can’t help. He is always depressed at school because people say things to him that he doesn’t like or are really bad things and all he can do is talk to his friends but they don’t know what to do most of the time.
As he is getting out of school each day, he gets his things ready and hangs out with his friends at the school for a while until the busses come. When he says bye to the friends of his that have to ride the bus they go outside and he gets his bike and his friends that are going to walk, walk with him. He doesn’t want to go home so he always tells his parents that he is staying at the school to work on his homework. He goes to his friend’s house and he hangs out with them for a while, and they joke around and play games and ride bike a lot and just have a good time, this is when he can relax and have fun and forget about the day. The only thing he enjoys in life is being with people that care about him, and want to be around him, and actually like him for him.
When he has to go home it’s usually because his parents say they’re going to ground him for being gone a lot but he doesn’t care. He gets home and gets all of his work around the house done and whatever he has to do so his mom and dad don’t get mad at him. When he’s all done he takes a shower and gets ready for bed and tells his parents he’s going to bed and he goes to his room. When he’s in his room he listens to music and stands outside for a while talking to his friends on the phone. When he is actually tired it’s like 1 in the morning and he goes to bed around that time. That is one of his normal days when there’s school and in the summer he hangs out with his friends and works.
He lived like that for a while but when one day came that he and his friend made the wrong move, his parents flipped out and they actually sent him to a foster home. He got blamed for something he didn’t do, but sometimes that happens and you can’t change it no matter how hard you try. When he went to a foster home he actually became a foster child and he couldn’t be with all of his friends and couldn’t even talk to them. Some people live rough lives and they are usually the ones that the bad things happen to. He lost everything for what his friend did and now his parents won’t believe it.
Foster Child had a rough life but can’t change it; no one can change how their life ends up, sometimes but not really. Foster got new friends and is living a little better than he was but he lost everything that meant anything to him, his friends, family, possessions, and much more, and he can’t change it.

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