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April 15, 2011
By Cameron Johnson BRONZE, Amery, Wisconsin
Cameron Johnson BRONZE, Amery, Wisconsin
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Host: Welcome to another great week of the Bassmasters Challenge. This week we will be fishing on North Twin Lake in Amery, Wisconsin. This week we will be keeping our eyes out for the pros Michael, Randy, Cameron. Our camera guys this week are Willie, Bobbie, and Robbie. Off to you, Willie.

Willie: I’m the camera guy this week for Michael who is fishing off this huge rock pile with his Sexy Shad®, his 6”6’ medium heavy Saint Croix rod®, with his Kevin Vandam Qauntum series bait casting real®. Michael has pre fished this area many times. He says that there is many larger bass in here. That are waiting for the little minnows to swim through here while the bass are hiding to make a attack. Golly he has one on now!

Michael: Feels like a big one! Cannot really tell yet if it is, but it is sure putting up a huge fight, I hope it don’t break my line! (couple seconds later) Yes! This is a beast. Right here easily a 5 pound fish!

Willie: Alright well he is obviously wasn’t lying about there being big fish here, there obviously is. Let’s see how much it weighs. (5 seconds pass) Alright, well it weighs 5 pounds 14 ounces, what a great way to start out the day.

Host: Looks like he is on the fish this morning. Hope he can keep it up. Let’s see how the other two fishermen are doing. Off to you, Bobbie.

Bobbie: This is sure a bright and wonderful morning to be out fishing. We are struggling to find the fish under these docks and pontoons. Randy is fishing docks with a black jig and a blue tipped craw fish on for a trailer. He’s using Trilene® 17 pound test, with a medium light, Saint Croix® rod. He is trying to flip and skip under these docks to get these monsters. He’s saying right now that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.
Randy: Well when I pre fished this a couple days ago it was a bit later in the day. I just don’t think that the big ones have come in from the deep waters yet. I have caught some little ones but not legal.

Host: There you have it Randy doesn’t have anything in the boat yet, and Michael has one nice sized fish. Let’s see how Cameron is doing. Robbie take us to the scene.

Robbie: This morning has been amazing morning for Cameron so far. He is fishing off this weed bed that is at the top of the drop off. He is only about 50 yards from shore. He already has three fish in the boat and they are a four pound three ounces, six and half pounder and a smaller one that is five pounds 16 ounces. He is just slaying them left and right with his heavy action Saint Croix®, Spider Wire®, Pflueger President®, and just with his two favorite general baits. A black and blue senko, and a watermelon colored. Looks like he has another one on now!

Cameron: Seems to me that it’s not a big one on. It’s not putting up much of a fight. But some of those big pigs don’t put up to much of a fight they just sit there. Let’s see how big it is, almost have it to the boat. (couple seconds pass) Holly Cow, this is a pig!!!

Robbie: Get him in the boat, come on, before he gets off!

Cameron: That was close, barely had him hooked at all. Let’s see how much this beast weighs. (weighing) sweet Georgia brown, that’s a new record for this lake for me.

Robbie: oh my gosh!

Cameron: 10 pounds 32 ounces. YEAH!!

Host: Well looks to us that we already have a winner for this week. Cameron. He has four fish in the boat and has a total weight of 26.33 pounds and Randy still has nothing. Michael with two fish in the boat with a total weight of eight pounds 16 ounces.

(day passes on)

Host: well the tourney is all over with guys, let’s see how the results are to see who wins the $30,000. Randy zero pounds, Michael eight pounds 16 ounces. And Cameron 26.33 pounds with a huge win! Congratulations Cameron how do you feel about your huge win?

Cameron: Well I couldn’t do it without all my sponsors. I would like to give a huge thanks to Skeeter boats®, Pflueger®, Spider Wire®, Rapala ®, Yamaha ®, Yum®, and to Chevy trucks. I couldn’t of done it if I didn’t have them here to sponsor me.

Host: And we would also like to congratulate Michael too. For these two will be moving on to the finals, next week. Next week we will be fishing on the Saint Croix River. We will be meeting in Hudson, so come out and watch us. Michael tell us about your second place.
Michael: Well you cant always get first, but its nice that I got second to know that I still have another chance to hopefully come and get a come back next week. I would like to thank Nitro® boats, and Rapala ®, and to Power Pro®.

Host: Tune in on us next week to see these two challenge each other to see who will win this year’s Bassmasters Challenge.

The author's comments:
I love to go fishing so that gave me the insperation to write this.

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