Meninigitis: The World's Killer!

April 1, 2011
By love2write94 BRONZE, Essexville, Michigan
love2write94 BRONZE, Essexville, Michigan
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There was once a 15 year old girl named Zoey. She wasn’t as normal as everyone thought she was. Everybody thought that she was your typical 15 year old. But they were wrong. Truth is that she had Bacterial Meningitis. What is Bacterial Meningitis? Bacterial Meningitis is a serious bacterial infection of the spinal cord and the fluid that surrounds the brain. It can result in brain damage, coma, and even death. Symptoms of it include: Fever, lethargy, irritability, headache, photophobia(sensitivity to light), stiff neck, skin rashes, and seizures. Well as for Zoey, her symptoms were of those listed minus the photophobia, but nobody thought anything of it being Meningitis at the time. Her mom Linda and doctor thought that it was just the simple flu and that she would get better within a week give or take. And as the seizures go, Zoey has had seizures since she was 7 years old so they were really nothing new. Since her doctor thought that it was the flu, he prescribed her some antibiotics and rest with plenty of fluids. Zoey did just that of what her doctor told her. She took her antibiotics as it said on the bottle and she stayed in bed and drank plenty of fluids. She thought she was gonna get better in a few days. As those few days went on, she started getting worse and worse everyday. Her mom just thought the flu bug had really hit her so that was the reason why Zoey was getting worse. Her mom had decided to let it go to the end of the week to see if she improved. By the end of the week, Zoey wasn’t getting any better; she was only getting worse. On Sunday night, Zoey’s mom had noticed that her daughter wasn’t any better and that she was just laying in bed not eating or drinking. So her mom took her temperature and saw her temperature keep rising as she had the thermometer in her mouth. When the thermometer beeped, Linda saw that it said 105. She knew that wasn’t normal and that it was very life threatening to have that high of a temperature. So she took Zoey to the hospital that night. The doctors ran a whole bunch of tests on Zoey not knowing what was wrong. Linda sat by her daughter’s side worrying about what could possibly be wrong with her daughter. Linda had a bunch of things running through her head from cancer to a serious infection. All of Zoey’s test results showed nothing. All tests but one that is. The one test that showed something was a spinal tap. The spinal tap had showed that she had meningitis. It was for sure bacterial meningitis. The doctors immediately started Zoey on an IV full of a bacteria killing antibiotic. But it was too late. The infection was already full on attacking her brain and spinal cord as it had been for the past few days. The doctors guessed that she only had at most 24 hours left because the infection had spread all throughout her spine and brain. Linda was then told by the doctors that Zoey only had at most 24 hours left. She spent those last 24 hours of Zoey’s life beside her daughter holding her hand. But that 24 hours turned into 4 hours. Zoey was brought into the hospital at 4:00 that evening. She fought for her life for the next 4 hours and passed away at 8:00 that night. Zoey took her last breath at 7:59 and was pronounced dead at 8 p.m. Zoey passed away 1 week shy of her 16th birthday...

The author's comments:
I got the inspiration to write this from my Biology project in 9th grade. My project was to write about the meningococcal bacteria which causes meningitis. What I hope people get from this is that Meningitis of any kind can be life threatening if not caught in time. Meningitis should be something that more people know about and are aware of because it's in the top 10 of life threatening diseases.

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