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April 10, 2011
By , Littleton, CO
There was this girl named Nicole who was not an ordinary girl. She was not an ordinary girl because she lived in this really rich neighborhood. What I mean by rich is like a pool, guest house, tennis course in backyard rich. She is also not an ordinary girl because she is adopted.

In this neighborhood where only rich people can live there is this 7 year old girl name Nicole. She was happy were she lived but she still not happy in away. One reason why she was not happy is that she was frustrated that her real parents gave her up for adoption. She would have rather live with a poor family then a rich family. She also was frustrated because she did not fit in at her school she had no friends at all. She tried to be happy so she would make new friend, but she also did not want to make her parents sad to but she just could not be happy. So her parents bought her anything she wanted. Like clothes, furniture, pets, game system's, and a hole lot more. They just wanted her happy to be happy.

One day she realized that she was running out of room in her closet. So she asked her parents to get her another closet. As usual the parents said anything for you honey. So they went off to the store. She found this beautiful closet that she loved. It was white with beautiful designs all over it. So they bought it for her.

When they arrived at home they found a perfect place to put it. She spent the rest of the day putting her extra close in her new closet. Later that night when she was trying to go a sleep she heard this mysterious crying. She new it was not her mom, or dad because they were fast asleep. So she started to get a little nervous. Then she relived were the crying was coming from. It was coming from her new closet. She walked up to the closet and said hello to the closet in a scared voice. The closet replied in a wining voice, “hi”. The girl screamed softly not to wake up her parents and ran back to bed hoping it was a dream. She opened her eyes and figured out that it was not a dream. The closet was still crying.

Nicole went back over to the closet and asked, “What is the matter.”

The closet replied, “I have been taken away from my mom and dad my brothers and sisters. Now I am here in this strange place with clothes inside of me.”

Nicole replies, “Don’t worry you will be safe here and you will also get use to your surroundings.”

The closet replied, “Thank you,” and started to calm down.

Nicole said, “My name is Nicole whats yours?”

The closet said, “Rebecca.”

Nicole said, “Nice to meet you.”

Rebecca replied, “Nice to meet you too.”

Then the two of them chatted the rest of the night. In the morning Nicole was way happier than she usually was because she finally found a friend. Her parents realized that she was a happier person which made them a happier people to. Nicole also realized that Rebecca had great taste in close. Like Nicole would choose something then Rebecca would make it better.

After awhile people at school realized that she was a happier person. More and more people wanted to hang out with her. Bye the end of the week Nicole was a changed person in emotional ways but also fashion way to. In emotion ways she was a lot happier and also was a lot nicer then usual. In fashion ways she was dressing a lot nicer.

Nicole was finally glad that she found a good friend that will always be there for her. Nicole was also happier because she had a lot of little friends to hang out with. This is a story about a little girl with no friends going to a whole bunch of friends.

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PJD17 This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Apr. 23, 2011 at 7:18 pm
excellent work i really liked this keep it up  could you please check out and comment on my story Manso's Shame i would really appreciate the feedback
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