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April 7, 2011
By Anonymous

Snow fell onto me as I opened my eyes in the whiteness of winter and I could not recall where I was. It was cold; that was all I knew.

It was not long later when I saw my sister running into the forest shouting; I slowly stood up, confused. I started walking towards her voice and eventually, we came close to each other.

“Where were you?!” she complained angrily.

I stared at her, “I don’t know”. That was what I wanted to say except no voice came out. Awkwardly, she looked the other way and someone else ran passed me. She grabbed his hand and pouted; my existence… was not there?

I ran towards her and this young man whom I’ve never seen before and tapped her on the shoulder. My hand slid through her shoulder in the most horrifying way; it was as if my arm was transparent. I yelled; no voice came out. My hands could not reach hers and after a good amount of tries, I gave up.

As I looked up at the sky, I saw the puff of white air coming out of my mouth; my heart felt lifeless. I followed my sister; I couldn’t say a single word. In about a few minutes, we reached the cabin on top of the hill and my parents greeted her and the boy. The atmosphere was very welcoming and I wondered if life had changed because I wasn’t there.

The door closed shut but my body wavered and passed through the wall with no difficulty at all. I slowly walked around the house, pondering on this mystery in which I had no understanding of. The pictures on the walls of this small cabin- it had me in it; and where am I now?

How happily every individual laughed and smiled; I began to feel as if I was no longer needed in this homely setting; I sat down and stared at the ceiling.

Time forgets.

I believe that the midst of time had forgotten about me and I had nothing left, so I opened the door and walked away with a heavy heart. I never want to come back.

My eyes blinked into the cold sky and I floated in the air saddened by the abandoned soul my family has left. It was as if my life started flashing before my eyes; I began to remember the beautiful times I had with everyone.

I remember when my mother taught me how to ride a bike; I turned 13 that year and every kid on the block laughed at me. Everyone knew how to ride a bike except me; however, my mother gave me confidence; it only took about a good 2 hours to get the skill in.

I remember when my father picked me up every time he came home from work. He threw me into the air as a child and cuddled me in his warm arms; I could only smile and laugh during those times.

I remember the day my sister and I fell down the stairs together. We were both about to cry, but we stared at each other so intensely trying not to. The expression on her face made me laugh; the expression on mine made her laugh. On that day, we overcame the pain together.

Memories just covered every edge of my mind and I couldn’t take it anymore. I want to return home; I want everyone to remember me.

And so I cried.

As each droplet of salty tears hit the floor, I heard a noise. The light grew quite bright in the sky and I was blinded by the intensified luminosity. Then came an angel, beautiful and majestic; he held out his hand.

I grabbed his hand and stood up; he wiped my tears and I just stared in awe.

My eyes opened then. I was on a hospital bed; my parents were there- my sister as well. I turned my head ever so slowly in confusion.

My mother cried and ran over to me, squeezing me with the tightest grip I’ve ever felt, “Oh my god, we were so worried!”

My father joined in too, and my sister my sister as well. The heart felt lifted.

On that day I learned I was a rebellious young teen who always ran away from home and ignored my family. I was here in the hospital, injured because I attempted to suicide. However, life gave me another chance.

I love my family today; I even learned to love myself. No matter how horrible the condition, live life; you will soon see that no matter how long it takes, it can definitely get better. You never know if you’re going to regret it until it’s too late.

You were born for a reason; love those around you and do what’s right.

… Because, everyone has a purpose even if you can’t see it.

The author's comments:
This piece is for anyone who has low self-esteem or a harsh life. Remember to live life and love those around you, because you are who you are.

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