April 7, 2011
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I’m lost on my own road, I see a light in the distance yet the more I walk towards it the farther it gets. This story is a big metaphor with all feeling but no point.

There is a wind that keeps pushing me down. I struggle to get up but this one time it knocks me down and I can’t get up. All of a sudden people are around me but no one talks or moves; I extend my hand but they act as if I am not there. I cry out but as soon as I do they walk away and disappear into the darkness. I struggle to get up on my own but I see a pair of lights coming toward me the loud roar of an engine makes me realize I’m in danger I struggle rigorously to get up but to no avail. The car speeds right over my legs. The pain is so excruciating that tears burn out of my eyes they feel like acid on my cheeks. Things are going blurry and I’m starting to lose touch with reality. I find a gun on the ground and at that moment a million thoughts race through my mind as I pick up the gun. The tears are coming more swiftly as I gasp for air. I put the gun to my weak and confused head; I clench up and squeeze my eyes shut. I pull the trigger but all I hear is a click. A sense of relief and sorrow wash over me, then a sign appears and says “You cannot escape your problems.” I realize that I can’t escape my problems I need to face them. So with determination on my mind and adrenalin pumping through my veins I struggle to get up.But the intense pain knocks me out and I fall back to the cold concrete. When I awake people are standing around me smiling. They pick me up and take me away from the light that I thought I was supposed to go toward. As I’m blacking out I realize the point of this story and the point is “I’ve been traveling down the wrong road for years…..”

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