Setting The Truth Free

April 7, 2011
By JulesHenry PLATINUM, Manchester, Other
JulesHenry PLATINUM, Manchester, Other
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I Must Not Tell Lies.
I Won’t Lie.
Lying Is Wrong.
I Won’t Tell A Lie.
I Must Not Tell Lies.
I say it over and over again in my head, letting the words roll over me like waves, they don’t seem to make sense anymore…
Not Must Lies I Tell
What? What do you mean?
Won’t Lie I
That doesn’t make sense what are you saying?
A Tell Not Must I Lies
Stop confusing me. I don’t know what you want.
I Must Not Tell Lies.
Even that seems a little confusing now. I don’t lie.
Never usually but things change.
Everyone lies at some point and the sad thing is… do we ever really know when their lying? Or when they say their not… are they really? You Must Not Tell Lies. You really shouldn’t. I never tell lies. Not usually but sometimes I need too. If I don’t they ask questions… and I don’t like questions.
What’s wrong?
Why are you crying?
Should I call the police?
Do you need a hug?
Are you alright?
I don’t like answering so I guess lying would be alright… just this once.
I’m not.
No don’t.
Of course.
I guess it’s wrong. I shouldn’t lie to the people who want to help me but what else am I meant to do? I live in a world now where it’s full of liars. We never know when their lying.
Sarah Lied. A lot. She said she was okay, said she was just tired. She wasn’t of course, that day I found her in the bedroom. I’ll never forget the sound of my scream, so shrill and long like it would forever ring in that room, a reminder of the sight I saw. Never forget the sight I saw… I saw Sarah, my friend, swaying too and fro from a thick rope which bound her neck and held it broken, her arms and legs no longer attempted to hold her body up in an attempt to survive.
The ambulance came obviously. Took Sarah away but it was too late to save her, the police asked me questions but I didn’t know what happened. I knew she has committed suicide and I knew I no longer had my best friend. She was gone.
“Hey Sarah, wow… you look…”
“Well no… but-“
“I am, I’m just tired is all. Don’t worry so much Angela.”
“You sure your okay?”
“I’m fine.”
Biggest lie she or anyone could ever tell. If anyone ever says to you “I’m Fine” never do what I did.
“Okay then if you say so. Anyways guess what!”
And carry on like life’s still normal. I should have known she was lying. She shouldn’t have lied she should have told me what was wrong and let me help instead of leaving me helpless with a stupid note that she stapled to herself!
“I’m Sorry. I Loved Him And I Can’t Live Without Him.”
Stupid girl.
I Must Not Tell Lies.
I guess the people round me are all waiting to hear my answer. I’ve lied enough today.
Mother: You sure your up to this bunny?
Father: Do you feel alright?
Judge: Do you swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
I lied to all of them.
I’ve been lying ever since I found out who HE was.
Donny Honeycutt.
Her latest boyfriend. I guess I’m not the only one to lie over the past few months. A lot of lies went round.
Donny: I love you Sarah.
Police Officer in charge of Sarah’s Investigation: We have reason to believe that Donny has gone missing have you seen him?
Me: No.
Judge: Where were you the night Donny Honeycutt went missing?
Me: At home.
Teachers: Sarah was a happy productive child.
Friends: We never saw a thing, honest.
Sarah: I’m fine.
I guess one more lie wouldn’t make a difference. Lies got us into this. Not even vow on a book would get me out now. But I froze. Sat in that chair the jury looking at me, expecting me to say NO. But that would be lying.
And I Must Not Tell Lies.
“Well, Miss Kingston? Did you or did you not Kill Donny Honeycutt for the assistance in your friend suicide?” I froze and refused to answer. The defence lawyer hired for me smiled at me, reminding me of what she said earlier before the court was in session.
Lawyer: The Truth Will Set You Free.
So that’s what I’m going to do. I’m sick of the lies now. Lies took my friend away from me. Lies made me lie for her and for other people. Lies made me sit in this chair, vow on the book of god that I will tell nothing but the truth.
Nothing But The Truth.
“Are you alright Miss Kingston?” The lawyer prosecuting me asked kindly as if he cared about anything but getting me to tell the truth.
Not his fault.
He’s only doing his job.
“I’m fine.” Like I told you. People lie. I felt that statement sink deep into my stomach and I felt sick, the room started to spin and I felt caged in. My breath being taken forcefully from my body as I fell forward on the stand, the jury looking like they were ready to jump to catch me.
“No… no I’m not.”
That didn’t matter.
“Did you or did you not kill Donny Honeycutt?”
The Truth Will Set You Free.
I Must Not Tell Lies.
“Yes. Yes I did.” That was it.
I was free.

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