Katie's Move

April 7, 2011
By Spencer Smith SILVER, Peoria, Arizona
Spencer Smith SILVER, Peoria, Arizona
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Katie had no idea why she had to be the new girl in school, once again. She was getting used to her life in Florida when, out of nowhere, she finds out she’s moving to Arizona! “Ugh, why Arizona? What the heck is in Arizona, anyway?” “Honey, you need to understand that this promotion is a big deal for me, it also means a lot more money”. “Mom, are you kidding me? You’ve already been making enough money! You don’t need a stupid raise!
We’ve been doing just fine on your original salary.” “Katie, please don’t be difficult. I am taking this opportunity before it’s out of my hands! We are moving to Arizona whether you like it or not! Now, go pack, we’re leaving on Friday.” “Fine, whatever! Don’t feel guilty about the fact that you’re ruining my life!” “Somehow, I’ll still manage to sleep at night.” That was that, Katie was getting ready for a new adventure. Or as she would put it ‘one step closer to my life being over’. This was also her senior year in High School that she was approaching. When she finally starts to get happy, there’s nothing quite like this that manages to really p*** her off. Oh well, she would just have to find a way to deal with it, because that was her only choice for now. She could throw a tantrum, but there was really no point in wasting so much energy. “Now Katie, when we get to our new house, I want you to make sure that our refrigerator is clean”. “Why?” “Because it’ll give you something brief to occupy yourself with, understand?” “Whatever.” “Oh honey, please try to relax, I don’t need this attitude right now”. “Mom, how many times are we gonna have to move before you’re finally satisfied with your job?” “Katie, I mean it, enough with the sass, or I’ll take away your phone for three months. Ah, here we are. Wow, look at this house. It almost makes me not miss the old one. Okay, let’s start unloading. You can take your suitcases up to your new room. And while you’re at it- “I know, make sure the refrigerator’s clean”. “Thank you honey. I love you”. “I love you too”. Katie finally gets all of her suitcases up to her room. “Whoa, a queen-sized bed? And a flat-screen TV! I think I could get used to this place. Wow, I guess I won’t be too bored during the summer.” “I’m glad you like it. I thought you might find it nicely furnished”. “Uhh, duh! Thanks mom, I appreciate it, a lot. You did good”. “Thanks honey, I’m glad you think so. I sure do, if I may say so myself. Okay, well, I am going to get settled, and then I’ll order pizza from Pizza Hut. How does that sound?” “It sounds nice, thanks.” Katie got settled in her new room and turned on the TV. There were so many channels; it was hard for her to choose. “Oh yeah, I could learn love this. Hey mom, there’s a murder mystery channel on here, awesome!” “That’s great sweetie!” “Holy cow, what a TV! Maybe Arizona isn’t so bad after all.” “Katie, the pizza’s here. Are you hungry?” “Yeah, just one second”. Katie came down from her room; Her mom was in the bathroom. She grabbed her mom’s wallet and took out some cash for the pizza. Right as she was about to transfer the cash for the pizza, her eyes locked with the pizza delivery guy’s. “Umm, hi, my name’s Katie”. “Hi Katie, I’m Todd, Todd Miller.” “I’m Katie Montgomery. Anyway, here’s the money.” “Say, I’ve never seen you before. Would you like me to show around town sometime? Phoenix is a pretty big area”. “Sure, I would love that. How about this weekend sometime?” “Yeah, I’ll pick you up at 5:30. Bye”. “Bye”. Score! Katie managed to get herself a date on her first day here! Todd was cute, and he seemed like a very friendly guy, especially with his dreamy blue eyes. “You know, I think things are on the verge of turning out great for me. Life could not get any better right now. Oh, mom, guess what? I have a date for this weekend!” “Wow, already?” “Yes, his name is Todd and he’s so cute! Is it okay if I go out with him, please?” “well-“ “I promise I’ll take my phone”. “Okay, why not. You can go.” “Thanks mom, you’re the best!” “Just please remember to take your phone”. “Mom, I know, but I’m not a little kid anymore”. “Well, sometimes, I still wish you were”. “I love you mom”. “I love you too Katie”. “Mom, I’m sorry for being difficult. I know that it hasn’t made your life any easier, and I’m sorry. Do you think you could ever forgive me?” “Katie, of course I forgive you. I know this hasn’t been easy for you either. But I promise, you’ll learn to love it here. I won’t be taking any new promotions any time soon. I can see though that you’ve already learned to start loving it here. I just hope that Todd boy really is a nice boy.” “Mom, I’m sure that he is.” “I know, it’s just, I only want the best for you, that’s all.” “I know mom, I do. I know that’s the reason why you always try so hard. I’ll always admire you for that. But sometimes, you don’t need to try so hard, because I’ll always think of you as my hero, no matter what.” That’s when Katie’s mom knew that Katie would be fine, no matter what happened, because of how much Katie loved her mom.

The author's comments:
I like this piece of work because it includes a part on how a girl and her mom are able to reconnect because they know that they will always love each other.

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