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April 13, 2011
By lexa724 SILVER, New York
lexa724 SILVER, New York
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I could never pass up an opportunity to enter a contest. I mean me, Jamie, has never ever won anything in my whole short sixteen years on the earth! I always tried to win to meet my favorite star and idol or even maybe win a little gift basket from my favorite store, but no such luck. It was like I had a bad curse over me or something. I mean I know its not everything to win a contest, but it would just mean the world to me if I did! I love the olsen twins and they have always been my idols so I always wanted to try and meet them or get their autograph, but never seemed to win even if I entered around a thousand times!
My best friend, Hayley, always seemed to win everything even if she had barely tried to, it just didn’t seem fair to me because she had such a perfect life! Her dad had come up with the idea for for a touch screen ipod, making it, then becoming a millionare for his small little invention. Now he works for apple, and earns a gajillion dollars an hour for pretty much doing nothing. Hayleys mom works as a nurse in the hospital and is always willing to do anything for her three children Hannah, Hayley, and Henry. Although me on the other hand is a different story. My dad had lost so many jobs he could not even count he never had a stable one which made it hard because we never had enough money for anything. Me and my brother, Brandon, always seemed to be doing things on our own while our dad was out looking for a job or working double shifts somewhere trying to make money. My mother had died when I was 6 and my brother 2, from a car accident. But I hate talking about it, I know the whole story and everything I just hate what happened so much! I had never really known her which made me really upset. I am always jelous of Hayley, like sometimes I just wanna yell at her and be like I hate you and I never want to hear from you again. But I don’t because I love her like a sister and her mom is like a stepmom to me, well a really nice one in that case not how mean the stepmom is to Cinderella.
It was finally the beginning of winter break and I was more excited then I had ever been. I was going on vacation to California with her family. I felt bad leaving my brother and dad and everything but I had never ever been on a vacation nor a airplane. So I scurried home to my house after that last Friday and crammed a lot of warm clothes and shoes into a small suitcase. I was so sick of wearing big winter coats and boots and so excited to be going to warm weather and actually meeting the sun again! Then I looked out the small window in my room to see Hayley waiting in the limo that always took her everywhere. She called me on my cell phone saying “Come on Jamie we gotta get to the airport so we don’t have to wait or anything! And have time to read some magazines and paint our nails, you know the usual?” I quickly replied “Yeah, I was on my way out!” Then I hoped in the limo and the driver sped up, racing across the highway like in a cross country race, therefore we were at the airport in no time. As me and Hayley were painting our nails reading magazines and eating some salads we got into some what of an enjoyable conversation. I said to her “Hey since you have been to L.A. and all have you ever met any celebritys like you know how I am so obsessed with the olsens” “Yup! Plenty! Maybe my dad could take us to go see a few” she replied. My heart quickly sped up I felt as if it was going to stop, and I was smiling from ear to ear. Then over the loudspeaker I heard “Everyone boarding the california airplane please board now.”
We got on the plane and I started shaking and my heart was beating very fast. I think I was terrified of planes, but since it was my first time and everything. We were flying over land and water and just the thought of that makes me shake and almost want to start crying. But of course Hayley calms me down and assures me that she has been on planes so much that its really not thaty scary. But the thought that keeps replaying in my head is what happened during 911. Then John Tucker Must Die starts playing in front of me and soon enough the plane takes off and all of my fears quickly drain out of me. Then I hear over the loudspeaker in the plane “We will be arriving in the airport in less then 10 minutes” And then I start getting super excited shopping, meeting celebritys, and going to the beach in less then ten minutes. I get to leave my terrible life behind for a few days and then come back to my loving and hardworking father and my amazing brother.
Me, Hayley, and her family hustled off the plane and grabbed our luggage then quickly met our driver to our limo and hopped in. As we were driving to the hotel I saw so many amazing places I was astonished. Hayley as always was acting as if it was no big deal, she had been on so many vacations anyways! We got to the hotel and it was one of the biggest buildings I think in the world. I mean I guess I thought it was so big since I had never been to New York City or really out of New Jersey. When we walked in it was so grand silver and clear chandeliers, only the finest wool on the carpet, and most of the people in the hotel looked like rich snobs. But why did I care at all this was a once in a lifetime opportunity in the world, and I was just amazed that I made it through a plane ride, and made it to California, where hollywood was! Hayley and I of course were sharing a room with two ginormous beds and Hayleys parents got the room down the hall, not suprising at all. We changed into the cutest bathing suit with a juciy coture dress to go over it, then different colored gladiator sandals, lastly, threw on a couple long necklaces and rings and we were set to head off to the pool or town! First we went to the pool which I could also say was probably as big as a football field! We jumped in, splashed around and were just having a good time. We tanned for a good hour or so then decided that we were going to go to town!
Of course we hit the town to shop none the less. I didn’t have to much money but since it was all my babysitting money and working at the bagel shop I decided I should splurge because I never ever go shopping. We went into this mall that had every single store you could think of. From goodwill all the way to coach and tiffany. Of course we did our usual when we went to a mall and grabbed two caramel macchiatos frappechinos from starbucks then starting speed walking around the mall. We went into urban outfitters, free people, forever 21, and some other amazing stores. As we were about to stop for some lunch in the nordstrom café I spotted the olsen twins and almost stared freaking out. I said to Hayley “Oh. My. Gosh. Look who is over there. Can we please go over and meet them and get there autograph please please?” she quickly replied “No. My parents want us back to the hotel to meet us somewhere in a couple hours we have no time for silly things like that!” I turned around and walked very upset but I turned around and I could of sworn I saw Hayley look at the olsens and wink and then she got a wink back. I must have been dreaming or something Hayley never seemed to do anything for me. She was always so selfish and she got everything. What did I get? Never anything. We walked into the café and ordered some sandwiches, then had an awkward period of silence and then she broke it. She said “I’m sorry I didn’t let you go over to them its just I don’t know theres something weird about them” I didn’t say anything at first because I know she was acting weird not them. I replied “Okay” and then we broke into normal conversation. Something was up. I just had no idea what.
We went back to the hotel into the limo and talked normally. Then Hayley had said to me, “Get dressed up because were going somewhere tonight.” I thought we were just gonna go to a club or something so I replied “Alright”. I had heard the grammys were tonight and I had always wanted to go that I even entered a contest at home to go. Guess I didn’t win, I would of heard from them by now. After we got to the hotel we each went into one of the two bathrooms and started taking showers and then getting ready. I picked out the best dress I had bought today and then slipped it on. Then asked Hayley to borrow some of her makeup so I could look somewhat pretty if we went out to a club. I put some of it on my face and I had to admit I did look kind of pretty. Then I took her curling iron and curled my pin straight pieces. This was the prettiest I had ever looked besides when my mom had dressed me up when I was little. My eyes started filling with water a little as I had realized how much I wanted her to be with me here but I know that she could not. I walked out of the bathroom and so did Hayley. We told each other how gorgeous we both looked and then we scurried to the elevator only to be greeted by her parents. “I thought we were going like out clubbing?” I said a little taken back. “Just get into the car you’ll be happy were your going I promise you!” I then went into the car and she slipped a blindfold over my face. All I could do was hear Hayley and her parents quietly whispering and the smell of white wine filling the limo all over.
The limo quickly sped away and before I knew it I saw flashes of light outside, music blasting, and people screaming and chattering the night away. A guy in a black suit with a colorful baby blue tie opened the door. I could not even stutter the words ‘thank you’ out of my mouth because I was so starstruck. Little did I realize that this was the grammys and I was actually walking inside. All of a sudden I heard Hayley whisper into my ear “You won the contest, I wanted It to be a surprise because I wanted it to be special for you!” I turned around and gave her the biggest hug I could, and slowly felt tears running down my eyes. I was happier than ever. Soon I had E news and MTV in my face with a camera asking me about my life, why I entered the contest, and all about me. I felt like a popstar and as I went into the grammys I looked around and sat down, my seat was in the fourth row from the stage, the best viewing section. No stars were really there yet (I was guessing that they were coming later). Ten minutes pass at lightning speed and I decided to go to the bathroom to touch up my makeup and make sure my hair wasn’t frizzing out everywhere! I went to the bathroom with Hayleys mom, did my thing, and was slowly but surely walking back to my seat. I was looking down at my 5 inch heals, feeling as though I was about to trip, and before I knew it I heard someone look up at me and said “Hi, I’m Mary-kate and Ashley Olsen.” My smile went from ear to ear and I could not stop smileing. I took her hand shaked it, and she pulled me in for a big hug. I kept repeating in my head, thanks mom for watching over me and making all my dreams come true.

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