Frame of Time

April 8, 2011
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The two diamonds on the pale, yellow cheeks glistened on her cheeks in the twilight. Thoughtful mind, and agonized heart could not make her aware of the surroundings. The deep blue sea could be seen ahead and the gentle, cool see breeze thudded her ears. Her eyes were unable to see the world across the waves and even her body could not feel the wind touching her, blowing her hair. It was the glimpse of a dream, the turbulence, she just woke up from. She was all alone in the vast world. Her thoughts took her to the semi-conscious state where her memories were killing her, like a slow poison, deeply engraving the pain in her heart.

"Hey! Mum, Dad, you're the best Buddies I have..", she whispered and moved forward toward the stage for the final competition. She remembered the tears in their eyes as she showed them the Trophy. "We love you. Always be happy", they prayed for her. No one knew, not even Samantha that this pray would last not for a longer time.

A very tough, never ending day for Samantha was 24th of February. She could never forget the look on her mother's face when his Dad closed his eyes for the last time, leaving Samantha, her mother and her only little brother Jane behind. "Never knew this day's gonna be this long", she thought. Samantha, at that time, was fifteen. She knew she had responsibilities, very tough ones. She picked up her courage and with devotion and affection, entered a stage of life where she had to be the backbone of her family.

The days passed by, like a blowing wind taking all the sorrows of her dead father away. "Time heals wounds", she now knew. "Come on, James! We gotta be late. I'll drop you school", she said, almost shouting as James came running out of the house. She knew she had a tough day ahead. Dropping her brother school, she called her Mom on the front gate of her home. "Mam! We gonna do some shopping today. I need some things urgently", she called her. "Okay! Me coming in a sec.", her Mom answered. In the meanwhile, the engine roared to life. Samantha's Mom locked the door and came out, putting the keys in her handbag. As she began to cross the road, a trolley came speeding and it was just a matter of time, when Samantha's scream was heard far, far away. She had lost her mother.

The next few days were very stressful. She had to support her brother, give him warmth. Again, she proved to be very mature, very responsible.

"Hey Sis! Look what I've got for you", James said, excitedly. Samantha unpacked the box and was stunned to see inside, a Diamond studded necklace. "It's for your wedding", he whispered and ran away teasing and laughing while Samantha stood there, crying. She had a limited number of days at home.

"Will you promise me one thing?" Samantha asked James as they were walking on the terrace that night. "What?" he replied. "Take care of yourself", She said, holding back her tears. They both hugged each other, stayed there for the night, thinking about old times. It was the home, where she laughed, cried.

The most horrible part was yet to come. It teared her apart, broke her into pieces. Seeing her brother on the bed, lying unconscious, was more than a nightmare for her. He was diagnosed Brain Tumor. After hours of crying, she drove herself to the beach where they both came often, to share themselves with each other. To drown the griefs in the waves of the sea.

Samantha stood there, groping for words to come out of her mouth. This was the same beach she came with her brother every week, this time it was a bit different. The birds were not chirping, or it was impossible for her to hear anything except Jame's voice, that still echoed in her ear, like a sweet melody. She had nothing to loose. She had nothing to think, except for the fact that James was no more.

She closed her eyes in front of those steady waves on the edge of the cliff. Jumping into the shore, she let herself free. She was free now, in the arms of the sea, for an eternal sleep.

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