K-ILL chapter 1

March 31, 2011
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This is it. Only 10 more minutes till curtain. I try to gain my composure as sweat pours down my face. My head is pounding. My dressing room feels like it’s closing in. I breathe deeply. Thousands of people fill the St. John’s Arena. They’re all screaming, shouting, chanting. They’re all chanting the same thing. My name. Well, my stage name, that is. My real name is Kyle Lane, but I’m known as K-ILL around the world. That’s all I’ve been known as since I went platinum. I feel sick. My manager walks in the room.
“Kyle, five minutes.”
“Alright, man.”, I say.
“You ok, man?” my manager asks.
“I’m fine”.
“You sure?”
“I said I’m fine, damnit.”
“Ok, ok. Fine. Sorry.”
He closes the door. I stare at myself in the mirror. “I can fight it.”, I think to myself. Something inside is tempting me.
“Screw it I have to.” I walk over to my closet and pull out my pair of Timberlands.

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