March 31, 2011
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It's December 20, 2012. I just returned home from a party the night before and there is no way in hell that I'm going to sleep my last hours away. Everybody is either going insane about this being our last day, or they try to be "cool" about it and tell anybody who believes the world is ending tomorrow that they're stupid. I'm not going to look too nuts or stupid once the plates in the Earth start shaking. Am I? I'm not going to look stupid once I'm screaming "I told you so" when volcanoes begin erupting and tsunamis flood the land we're living on today. Only if it didn't cost $25 million to buy a damn ticket to the moon. You can't even take out a loan. Even the banks think the world is going to end. But for tonight I'm going to my friend's party. It's his birthday and we're celebrating the end of the world. I'm hoping that the world doesn't end and that nobody does anything really stupid like trying to kill themselves before it is supposed to end. You never know though. People are going frickin insane. Before I go to Tom's I'm eating dinner at Red Lobster. It should be packed. I have reservations for me and three of my closest friends who all believe that the world is going to end tomorrow. My family doesn't believe me.
We just had finished dinner and now I'm heading over to Tom's house. It was already pretty big by the time I walked through the door. Probably the biggest party I've been to since i graduated high school. We were all having a blast and then..... 12:00 hit.

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