March 30, 2011
By , N. Tonawanda, NY
“ALAKAZAM!!!” I love this part of the job “And the sheep is inside out!”

“Ohhhhh, Ahhhhhh” The sheer amazement of the crowd! That's what keeps me going! I love the rush! After the show Henry walked back stage to the group of audience members who had backstage classes. Damn, I hate these people. “Hello everyone! Did you enjoy the show?”

“Absolutely amazing!” said the fat man in the suite in front. “I mean how did you flip the sheep inside out?!?”

“Ah, but isn't that the, magic of magic?” Henry asked, his usual response for dumb patrons.

“Ah ha, quite right quite right.” The fat man chuckled. “I can't wait for tomorrow night's show!

“I can't wait to preform for you.” Said Henry.
...the next night...

“Welcome one and all to the best show of your lives! Tonight, you will experience one of the most amazing bending of physics and the natural laws of nature, EVER SEEN!” Next the lights of the stage went black and the audience was shrouded in darkness, and the lights went across the ceiling to reveal Henry on the ceiling, seeming to hang in the air. Easiest trick ever, thought Henry, just gotta keep the harness on and I'm fine! -snap- “F************KKKKKKK!” -BOOM- His blood splattered on the fat man from back stage. His suite was saturated with Henry's blood instantly. A small smile rose from the lips of the fat man as he licked a blood splatter from his suit.

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