March 30, 2011
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January 3rd (7:38 pm): I saw Rose today. She looked extremely beautiful even though I didn’t see her shower. I guess she just has natural beauty. I knew we were destined to be together ever since the moment I looked into her angelic blue eyes at her insurance office two years ago. She was totally in to me; the way she glanced at me, I just knew. I will confront her at some point but I have to wait for the perfect moment. You know, she’s a perfect girl so the time has to be just right. Paul and Rose: that sounds flawless.

“Hello?” Rose said with much nervousness into her phone, because she knew she would be in trouble for being 3 hours late. “Yes, I know I’m late Robin, my power went out and my alarm didn’t go off. I’m coming as fast as I can.”

Just as Rose was thinking things couldn’t get any worse, a rushing wind came and abruptly took all of her papers and belongings whirling into the bright summer-day sky. She struggled to pick everything up just in time to catch the next ride.

“Hey, taxi! Hey!” The taxi came to a halt allowing Rose to get into the cab. She sighed with much frustration, “42nd and Lincoln please.”

The taxi driver looked back at Rose with a small grin on his face. “Yes ma’am, anything for you.”

When the yellow Ford pulled up to 42nd and Lincoln, Rose rushed to exit the vehicle. Anxious to help her customers, she bolted through the double doors of her insurance store and hot-footed it to her desk. The enervated woman gave Robin a quick shake of the head to say hello.

When she was done catching up with all her work, Rose locked up the store at the end of the day and began to walk to the curb to wait for another cab. About one minute later, a cab slowly pulled up to the curb. She got in, looked forward and quietly said, “30th and Richmond.”
After about ten minutes of driving down the deserted street, Rose heard a soft mumble come from the front seat.

“Well, it sure is nice seeing you again,” the taxi driver said in an uncanny tone. Rose looked up beginning to get a small knot in her stomach.

“Umm, excuse me?” Rose uttered.

“I drove you earlier today, didn’t I?”

“How do yo-” Rose stopped talking noticing the driver passed her stop. “That was my stop!”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I was just too lost in your luscious blue eyes,” the man said with a flirtatious tone to his voice.

“Let me out!” Rose yelled. The cab came to a halt and Rose jolted open the door and ran straight for the big wooden entryway leading into her home. The disturbed woman scrambled for her keys in her big bag. She quickly stuck the bronze key into the keyhole and pushed the door open. She closed and locked the door and gave a huge sigh. Rose leaned up against the doorway, and thought to herself. Man, that was scary.
January 5th (11:55 pm): I finally caught Rose in my cab. She seemed a little bit on the grumpy side; she must have been tired. Boy, did she look beautiful though. I think I am going to go see her tonight.

Back at Rose’s home, the distraught girl wandered about her residence trying to bring herself to go to sleep after what that man had said to her in the cab. She finally pushed herself into bed, and she fell asleep right away.

About four hours into her sleep, she awoke to a loud crunching in the bushes outside of her window. She hopped straight out of bed and sprinted to her window. She looked side to side and saw nothing. It was probably just a bird, she thought. Even though she had said it, she really didn’t believe it was a bird; she was just making herself think that because she didn’t want to know the truth. Rose walked around her house making sure every window and door was securely fastened and shut, and double-checked the alarm to assure that she was safe. She fell back asleep in no time.

January 6th (4:08 am): I did it. I went to Rose’s home. She was in deep sleep though, so I left. I didn’t want to awake sleeping beauty. I will go see her sometime when she is up. What a good day.

The next morning, Rose awoke feeling very groggy from not getting a full night’s sleep. She got ready and walked outside. She stopped in her place and thought to herself: Should I walk to work today? Something worse could happen if I rode in a cab. Rose decided to walk to work even though it was about 15 minutes from her home.

She walked up to work and advanced into her office, waving to Robin. After about 45 minutes of sitting lifelessly, a man walked into her office.

“Hello, may I help you?” Rose said, willing to help her next customer.

“Yes you may. I would love to buy insurance from you.” Paul said. The only thing was, Rose didn’t know who he was, even though he thought she did.

“What kind of insurance would you like, sir?” she questioned.

“Cut all of the nonsense talking. Don’t you remember me? We love each other.” Paul said in an uncanny tone.

“Excuse me?” Rose muttered with a terrified tone in her voice.

“It’s me, Paul, silly. You were in a bad mood yesterday weren’t you? I could tell when I talked to you.”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t know what you’re talking about. I never talked to you… Robin! Please get this man out of here!”

Robin ran into Rose’s office, glared at the man, and grabbed him by his wrist, attempting to make him leave.

“I talked to you yesterday…in my cab!” Paul slowly got pulled out of the office. “I love you, Rose!”

Rose ran over to the office door and slammed it shut. She looked out the small window next to it and saw Robin pushing him out of the office, and then pulled out her cellphone. She quickly dialed the local police station.

“Mount Vernon police department, Joseph speaking.”

“Hi, Joe? I have a concern about a man. He has been following me for the past day, for all I know, and I am a tiny bit alarmed.” Rose quietly exclaimed into the phone.

“Rose, I can assure you it’s nothing, but if it makes you feel a little bit more safe, I’ll have some local cops drive by your home to make sure nothing out of the normal is going on and to look for any suspicious persons or vehicles. How does that sound?”

“It sounds alright… thank you.” Rose said feeling very unsure of the idea.
January 6th (6:31 pm): I tried to talk to Rose today. I’m not sure what she was talking about. Has she gone crazy? Maybe I should go talk to her tonight. We can get everything straightened out. I’m still confused on what she said.

That night, Rose couldn’t go to sleep. Every other minute, she would check out her window just to make sure that the cops were still there. The cautious woman continued that throughout the night until she finally passed out from not having enough sleep.

She awoke to blaring as loud as a fire truck in the living room. She ran to the laundry room where the central alarm and quickly put in the code so the noise would conclude. Rose then sprinted to her bedroom and grabbed a bat to be safe, and continued to look about her house to see what might have triggered the alarm.

She found the sliding back door ajar, along with the fence leading into her backyard. She screamed.

Rose called the police and informed them that her alarm had been activated and her back door was open. Joseph and his team then came rushing to her house.

When the black and white police vehicles pulled up to the abode, the team bolted to the door. They found Rose sitting on her couch. As soon as she heard voices, she stood up and hot-footed it over to them.
“Do you have any idea who would do this, Rose?” Joseph questioned.
“Yes. It was that sleazy guy I called you about yesterday; the one you said was “nothing”. I thought you said you were going to be watching my house!” Rose was getting very frustrated with Joseph.
“Rose, there’s really no way we can catch this guy unless you lure him back in to where we can get him there.” Joseph said with disappointment in his voice. “Do you have his phone number so you could call him?”
“I probably will have it; I’ll check in my files at my office. I think I did insurance with him a couple years ago. Would it be possible for me to stay with you back at the station tonight though?”
“It would be no problem at all.”
Joseph drove Rose back to the police station, but stopping in the office to check for the file for Paul, which she had.
January 7th (5:03 am): I went to talk to Rose tonight but she had her alarm set. It blared throughout the whole house so I ran. I didn’t want her to know that I triggered it because then she would get angry with me. I don’t know what I’m going to do. Why am I so stupid? What am I doing wrong?
That morning at the police station, Rose called Paul, feeling very shaky about the idea of actually talking to the man that was in her home and had been following her.
“Hello, is this Paul?” Rose said with a nervous tone.
“Rose! I missed you!” Paul exclaimed into his phone with much excitement. “Has something been wrong the past day? You seemed very grumpy, and you never set your alarm! I didn’t mean to wake you with that, but I needed to talk to you, and it just went off! It has never gone off before.”
“Um…” Rose’s throat dropped and her stomach twisted. He’s been in my house before?! What could he have done?! she thought to herself. “No, it’s my fault. I shouldn’t have had it set. So, I was wondering if you wanted to meet at my house later today. I think we need to talk. Is that okay?” Rose said, repeating what Joseph had told her to say, still shaking in her body.
“Yes, that sounds great! I’ll see you at four?” Paul questioned, feeling very ecstatic about the idea.
“See you at four.”
Rose hung up the phone and looked at Joseph. It was time to go home.
January 7th (2:12 pm): I must have done something right. Maybe I’m the crazy one! She called me over to talk tonight. I better go freshen up. This is going to be one of the best days.
When they got to Rose’s house, the team went in to the powder room, right behind the living room, so they could hear what Rose and Paul were talking about without being seen. Rose placed herself of the tan leather couch, and waited for Paul to come, feeling more nervous than she ever had before.
Just then, a figure appeared outside of the sliding door; it was Paul. She walked over to him, faked a smile, and opened the door.

“Hi Rose. How are you?” Paul said with a huge grin on his face.
“I’m good. I just want to talk to you!” Rose exclaimed.
“Would you like me to get you something to drink? I know where everything is.”
Rose began to felt sick. “No, it’s fine. I just want to know one thing: how did we meet again?”
“Silly girl, about two years ago at your insurance office. When you looked into my eyes, I knew we would be together forever.” Paul said.
Just then, Joseph came running out with his team following behind him, with his gun in his hand.
“Put your hands up!” Joseph yelled to the man.
“Rose, you turned me in? What did I do wrong?”
The woman stared blankly into the man’s face. She was in shock. “Just take him in; get him out of here,” she quietly said with a small tear falling from her light blue eyes.
“I’ll never forget this, Rose!” Paul exclaimed.
Joseph dragged the man out of the home and threw him in the police car. One of the team members hopped in the car and drove away. Joseph stayed behind.
“Thank you, Joe.” Rose muttered.
“Anything for you, Rose. Anything for you.” Joseph said.

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