The Unforgettable Fiesta

March 30, 2011
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It was a warm summer night, and it was the last big party before everybody had to go back to school. Pong balls were being shot, shots were being poured, blunts were getting rolled, everybody was just going all out trying to end the summer on a high note. I was having the time of my life. I had my four favorite things: alcohol, money, women, and....(illegal). Pretty much any high schoolers favorite items. The party had started at ten, but when you're me and my friends, you always show up fashionably late. The only two things that could have went wrong were: the police coming and "joining" the party, and one that most of the students were unaware Pictures were being taken so everybody would remember how great of a time they were having. Little did they know that the pictures would come back to haunt them. They were all over facebook and nobody thought anything of it because it was summer time and without school there weren't many consequences for doing anything wrong. Once the first day of school came around almost everybody who was anybody was called down to the Principal's office to reunite. Not for another fiesta. About 40 of us all in his office, oh was he upset. First words that came out of his mouth were "you all are down here because of pictures that were taken at the party you all were at this weekend. Athletes over there. Everybody else stay put". 4 people stayed put, leaving 36 of us in his office. "According to the code of conduct here, you all were in the presence of alcohol and illegal drugs. Therefore I must sentence you to a ten week suspension." So much for using the photos to remember the party. Yeah that party won't ever be forgotten. Nobody forgets what caused them not being able to do what they loved for their last time.

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