A second too late.

April 4, 2011
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She rushed inside the hospital,pushing the stretcher her mother was on.The doctors around her had a grim expression.She held her mother’s hand all along,urging her to breathe.”Mom,breathe,come on,you can do it.Don’t close your eyes yet,just stay with me mom,please.I need you,” she sobbed.

The doctors carried her even faster as her mother’s eyes began to close.A nurse opened a door marked EMERGENCY.And they took her mother inside.

The nurse gently tugged at her arm and said,”Honey,you need to fill some forms.Come with me to the reception please.” She followed her in a daze to the reception.No one spared her a look.Doctors bumped into her and rushed past,muttering sorry,but she couldn’t register anything.Her mind had stopped working.

It was impossible that it had barely been an hour since she was yelling at her mother,arguing with her for going to the party.Her mother had stood there quietly,tired and exhausted from the day’s work,while she shouted and shouted.At last her mother had looked up and yelled,”Alison,I said—” and then she had dropped down,but not before a big hiccup.

“Mom!” she had said and run to her side.”Mom,what’s wrong?” Only her mother hadn’t opened her eyes.She had punched the no. for the ambulance and rushed her mother to the hospital.

Damn it.It was her fault.She was the one who had been yelling ,she was the one who had been screaming her head off,she was the one because of who her mother had had a heart attack.

She filled out the forms,tears falling on the papers.The receptionist looked at her sadly,but then,what did she know? She must be seeing thousands of people like her everyday,crying their eyes out.How did it matter to her?

She ran back to the first floor,where her mother was.She spotted the room and peeped through the glass,tears streaming down her face.There she was,her mother,eyes closed,body motionless,completely still.The doctors hovered frantically over her,giving instructions to one another.Her eyes were glued to the monitor which indicated her mother’s heartbeat.She did not understand the technicalities,but did understand that the monitor was beeping,so a faint heartbeat must be there.

She wanted to shout at the doctors,scream at them,tell them to do more.They could not let her mother die.She would have no one left in this world.Her father had died because he had been mugged and stabbed six years ago.She had no sibling.She was a minor.She had always taken her mother for granted.Shout at her one day,and the next day it would all be alright.but she had a feeling that it would not happen this time.

What would she do if her mother…. No,don’t think like that,mom will survive,nothing will happen to her,she thought fiercely.

And suddenly,the monitor stopped beeping.The doctors in the room froze.It seemed like time had stopped.

The line on the monitor which had been going up and down became straight,indicating a dead heartbeat.

A few minutes may have passed but to Alison,it seemed like hours,before a doctor came out and said to her gently,”I’m sorry.We could not save her.” She vaguely heard the words sorry and not save her.

She let out a blood curling scream.And fell to the floor.

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