Ditching a Date

March 29, 2011
By Anonymous

You forgot that you had a date with Veronica so you made another date with Kendra. Kendra is better looking and has he package but Veronica just has a face. You can't cancel the date because it is too late then you ask yourself what you are going to do. What you do is tell Veronica the date is at 7pm and tell Kendra the date is at 7:45pm because it will take time to ditch your date with Veronica.

Get to the First date on time and dress nice for her to see that she got something good. Complement her on her dress and style to show your appreciation. Even though she looks good, don't feel bad that you are going to ditch the date because you got another girl on your next date which is in 45 minutes. Make up a conversation for about 5 minutes and lie that you forgot your wallet at the crib and you are so sorry but the date is going to be moved to another day. If she says. “I got money, I'll pay for you” there's no way you can deny that offer. So you think your plan is f***ed up now right? Well no it's not man, you can't give up yet.

Get water and act like you are about to put it in her mouth and accidentally pour it on her dress. You act nervous and mad at yourself so that she won't know you did it on purpose. She has to leave because there's no way a girl will still be on a date with a wet dress, that's embarrassing, well unless she's crazy or something.

Take her home and apologize like a gentleman. Give her a big hug and a kiss on the cheek and hold her tight so she thinks you are really sorry.

Now it's time for your hot date with Kendra and second one in a day, you should be proud of yourself. Make sure you get there earlier than and check your wallet to see if you have more than enough money in case anything happens.

As you arrive at the date early to show you are a true gentleman and wait for her to come. When Kendra gets there stand up and give her a warm welcome by saying hi and giving her a hug. As you are giving her a hug, you see her a** popping our and curved because of her tight dress. By now you should have that look saying damn desert sure looks good today and lick your lips. Pull out her chair so she can seat, complement her look and what she is wearing so she knows you are a good guy. Ask her what she wants to eat and order it. Make conversation, you don't want to bored her to death with some lame a** jokes. To get a second date, you need to work hard in the first one. Say some funny parts about your life and some other jokes, if she laughs and smile, you know the date is going good and you are doing a good job. Keep it 100% and be real with her.

When you finish eating and it's time to go, take her home. If the night is cold, give her something warm, if you don't have on, buy one. Keep making her laugh and make this date count so that it could be one of her best dates or maybe even the best. The moment of truth is when you get to the front door and ready to say goodnight, lean for the kiss. If she backs up and make a weird face, you f***ed up, if she backs up and say “I'm not ready”, be patient that doesn't mean she doesn't want to kiss you. It means she is waiting for the right time to do it. If she goes for the kiss then “jackpot”, you're the man.

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