Even monsters laugh

March 28, 2011
By , Waterbury, CT
The bar was dark minus the slightly dim neon lights that seem to add to the laid back atmosphere. Cheap smoke and hushed up laughter seemed to reach the ceiling as the poor hostage trembled with his swollen face.


A large bald white man sat toward the back of the room, a beer in one hand and a cigar in the other coddled by two rather promiscuous women.

"So you're saying that some monster did that sh**?"

He said slowly dragging out the words enough to send chills down the victim’s back



He flicked his wrist allowing the rather excited group happily kick whatever courage he had left right out of his body.

"Now I’m going to ask one more time but be aware that my patience is running thin. Who the hell destroyed my men?"

It was only a week ago that the accident happened. No one knew exactly, but reports said that an in gang brawl had broken out between the jack knives gang. But Mr. Un didn’t buy it, he knew that it was impossible for the whole gang to have gotten into a fight and not know what happened. Many of the survivors’ claimed to have witness another person but the police had just written it off that were high at the time and had hallucinations. Either way he swore he would get to the bottom of this and from his own personal investigation he had found that there had been a witness that went to the nearby high school.

"I see your memories faulty; maybe it's all those extra limbs."

The victim widened his eyes as much as he could under the bruised and puffed up circumstances trying to comprehend what he meant.

"Understand that our bodies are made up of nerves you see, and your brains has to work extra hard to send those electron signals throughout your body so it knows how to move. That's why I’m saying maybe your brain is working too hard to send them signals that it can't kept it's memory straight."

It didn't take long for the poor victim to understand the situation. After all while the leader was speaking the gang began to smile and take their knives out.


"Maybe I should get rid of all that excess flesh so you can remember better"

The group smiled as they encircled the victim like vultures. There was nowhere to run and nowhere to hide; his life would end here.

“no, NO!!!”

"Now that's not being very hospitable"

Said a voice from the entrance. The victim leaned to get a clear look and there he saw him.


Dean stood with three other guys hands in his pocket walking in like he owned the place

"Who the fu** are you?"

Un asked


Dean said his blond hair spiked up and his brown eyes dark with repulsion on the situation.

"You took our classmate we came to get him back."

Mr. Un gritted his teeth. Did these kids think they could walk in whenever they wanted?


They were taken away to the roof or should I say escorted after all they were happy to comply with the gang’s request.

The night air was chill and the moon hung full and bright over the city.

"Now a days you high schoolers have no respect for your elders, so I’m going to teach you the old fashion way."

Mr. Un laughed at his joke. The group surrounded them as they watched their leader Mr. Un step up to the plate. But Dean showed no fear he simply put up his hands pausing everyone’s actions.

"So you're that new group trying to make a name for themselves, sorry but I can't fight after all if I get a bad reputation I might not be the next UFC champion, ya know."

The group cursed and growled at the insult that the brat had just said even Mr. Un the most composed one seemed to lose his nerve. Since it was true that they were a new group but they had worked hard for their reputation. And here Dean had insulted them by saying he would fight.


Now although Mr. Un was indeed fat, the fact was that he was quite brutal and rough and never asked his men to do something he couldn't or wouldn’t do. So all in all he was a good fighter and the fist that he threw if contact was made would have been devastating.

But it didn't. Because for Dean whose goal was to be a champion UFC fighter how could he possibly let this weakling touch him. He moved out of the way in a similar manner to what Howl did, shifting his body slightly so that he didn't waste any movement and slid past Mr. Un ‘s fist and then just as quickly brought up his own toward Un.

Un saw it like slow motion though he couldn't avoid the pain and horror he felt as his face was being broken in. Nose cracking, skull fracturing the pain was almost to painful to describe but as he opened his eyes once again like de ja vou he saw Dean's fist come up toward his face this time though; it stopped.

There was a pause. Mr. Un was still standing unpunched and undamaged and yet he was sure he felt that murderous blow. Dean didn’t smile nor laugh taking it all seriously.

"Didn’t I say I wasn't going to?"

And as if the bat symbol hung in the sky, like spider man a large figure similar to that of a bear or a wild beast came soaring in through the sky and came down stomping on Mr. Un.


"MR. UN!!!!


The group screamed as they saw unconscious Mr. Un under the richly made timberlands of this trespasser.

"Dean you're still too soft"

Said the large set man, his blue eyes cold and void.

"If you don't want a bad rep then get 'hem so that they can't spread nuthin"

Dean put his head low in respect.

"Yes Lucifer"

Lucifer kicked up Mr. Un’s body, despite the futile cries of the underlings, over his foot.

"Make sure you understand. If you don’t want a bad rep,"

He turned his body controlling the power

"Get 'hem so they can't spread nuthin"

He kicked up his foot sending Mr. Un flying. Five feet off the ground spinning him diagonally toward the empty rooftop bar. Crashing into it and breaking all the bottles. The beer and alcohol spilled all over and if Mr. Un wasn't out when Lucifer jumped on him he was sure out now.

Dean watched in numbness. This was not the first time.

"W-w-w-what strength"

Someone in the circle gasp, but Dean didn't dare speak.

"Could mere strength make a 200 pound man spin like that? Judo, karate, martial arts, Lucifer’s moments encompasses technique.'

Dean thought back to Howl and how he had dodge the knife while it was a millimeter away it was true that he had thought that he wasn't normal but Lucifer wasn't normal either!

The men shook in fear struggling to remain calm,


But Lucifer took no offense

"Mafia? No that's my dad I’m still in high school"

His voice was a flat cold monotone that showed the same amount of feeling in his eyes; nothing. He walked over to the bar and looked at him then held up a lighter that had mysteriously appeared in his hands and flicked it open watching the fire dance.

"Sorry it's cause I’m immature, right? I’m a naughty kid"

He did not laugh nor smile

"Hey that's Mr. Un’s light-"

"Here, I’ll give it back"


The crowd screamed and racing toward the bar where Lucifer had thrown the lit up lighter cause even though he did obediently give it back he was also well aware that Mr. Un was soaked in the liquor that he had crashed into. And in that moment that Lucifer turned around the bar burst into flames.

"MR. UN!!!!"



"MR. UN!!"

But by the time that the emergency sprinklers had turned on it was too late Mr. Un had been burned so badly he was unrecognizable. The men stared in shock at there once flesh covered boss then turned to Lucifer who was casually wiping the water off his face.

"H-h-how could you do that?"


Lucifer looked up to the men shaking by the bar ruins. His eyes small seemed like daggers to their souls.

"ya know everyone I meet fuc**** calls me that, if I were a monster I could leap through the sky."

Little did Lucifer know though was at that precise moment that he had said that there was someone leaping through the sky using inhuman strength as he jumped from rooftop to rooftop. And if someone per chance had looked up at the moon at that moment they would have seen that shadow that looked like it was flying. Well, they would have seen that person falling. Falling from an unbelievable height.

Now usually someone who fell from this height would fracture their bones breaking it completely, or perhaps they would tear their flesh and muscle


As this strange person fell to the ground there was no sound what so ever and in fact the person was smiling with joy and excitement.

Yes, Howl was smiling with joy and excitement.

He dashed off again leaping up




He could feel the wind rush. His heart pounded furiously as his blood began to boil. And just like that he leaped off the last building toward the moon.

'This is it'

His body bubbled on the inside as the bones grew longer and denser, the muscle grew stronger and every pore on his body began to expose thick, gray fur. His nails grew black and long and a tail seemed to appear where any animals would. His mouth stretched long and wide opening from ear to ear producing canine fangs that could rip apart steel. He grabbed hold of the closed office building that he had jumped toward resting vertically on the wall.

The full moon, as its silvery luminous filled the sky Howl's body felt a bursting vitality and turns invincible.

He jumped up his mind reeling,





It ain't like i put on the pretense of some lone wolf,'

Howl jumped in the air,


a beast beyond human comparison,


A haughty Howl echoed through the city

During the full moon with his impeccable hearing and eyesight everything moved in slow motion. The path of the knife was clear as day and of course howl thought that it sucked that Jacob ended up like that but it wasn't his fault. The teachers had questioned him relentlessly and thanks to his "new" friends providing the evidence necessary they had no choice but to let it go. That stupid runt was hospitalized but his life wasn't in danger. Howl gritted his fangs.

'Just as I said the school doesn't want a law suit, so the discussion ends here.'

Including Howl they obviously wanted to silence all the witness,

'And I'M supposed to take a day off tomorrow!'

Howl felt the anger burn inside him jumping to the building next to it and climbing up its high height.




Pictures of the student, teachers, and others he couldn't recall filled his head




Howl jumped off the top flying through the air.

No, actually falling once more.

'shi* I messed up'

Howl thought as he faced the sky

'I’m so messed up during the full moon, these fuc**** humans are affecting me.'

Falling straight down he began to accelerate

'At this right I might end up like them, if i could die i would'

His wolfen mouth curved.

'Hell at this height I JUST MIGHT!!'

And just like that Howl dropped down through the roof of some old ready to be demolished building slamming through two whole floors spattering on the ground.

1 sec

2 sec

3 sec

Howl sat up he was back to his human form his pants and skin had blood stains and the rubble beneath him was a pond of it but his body bore no visible mark.

'Didn't die huh?

What a monster'

Howl smirked but it turned slowly into a frown.


Howl sat on the edge of the building staring at the moon. The full moon was the peak of his invincibility and seemed to draw out his bestial transformation and when it splintered he would slowly lose power and turn into a normal human. It was ridiculous how the moon could have dominance over him but that was just the way it was. And well the whole wolf man thing was a bit unreal so pay no heed.

'But still'

Howl thought thinking back to earlier, and seeing the girl. Such an implacable fierceness ready to rip out someone's throat

'Why did I freeze up?'

He decided not to think about it and leaned back resting on the floor

'Human brawls are so stupid'



Said a young woman in the back of the black car he was climbing into. She reached over raking her fingers through her wet black hair.

"Go home"

She froze, and sighed.

"Did something happen?"

Lucifer texted something she couldn't read and put his phone away.

"I heard something interesting; I think I’ll go to school tomorrow"

She blinked in surprise


Lucifer sat silent. No one questioned Lucifer, no one had the nerve. Questions meant lack of trust and Lucifer being the leader had to make sure no ill water stayed in his lake. The only person who asked questions was Sarah, his fu** buddy, and Marcia, he girl sitting in the car and well sometimes Dean. However questioning was no advised.

"Go home"

He sad again. This time the car stopped so that she could get out. She wanted to plead but knew it would get her nowhere. And excited quietly.

'school huh?'

Marcia thought

'what could have drawn Lucifer the successor of the Tatami group's attention?'

She walked off her wavy black hair railing behind her as she remembered catching a glimpse of Lucifer's text message

'What kind of a name is Howl?'

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read the story, really good! I really like the theft idea it brings a whole new pull in lead to the love story.
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