Tranfer Howl 1

March 28, 2011
By Anonymous

He was a strange boy that seemed to silence the class the moment he walked in and demand respect with his very being. In fact this strange boy that seemed to possess a visibly slim physique did not seem weak due to a particular uncouth audacity he exuded,

a strange


Virile, bestial vitality.

The teacher smiled faintly at the rather taciturn class. Not once in this poor overly stressed teachers life had the class ever seemed so high strung and chilled. However being that this was such a ’difficult’ school to get into he felt that it was his duty to push away all fear and like any bussiness man; smile.

‘Class this is the new transfer student please treat him nicely… please write your name on the board’

When he said that of course he wasn’t expecting much. The fact of the matter was being the corrupt school that it had become he had come to learn in the 17 years he had worked there that no one really cared what happened to the students in the school because if one of the kids did create a bit of havoc the parents would happily cover it up. As a necessary point to note it wasn’t that the teachers never tried it was just that they rather be paid than shut out forever due to a student to student conflict and come to the firm fact that being that this was a high school the students needed to take care of themselves. However he was not expecting


A welcome to the class hunting knife to appear one millicentimeter away from the transfers head attached to the chalkboard.

And still that strange boy remained unflinching. It was only his first day and he hadn’t even finished writing his name on the board.

Still like any other person the thought of making a enemy left him dejected.

‘looks like all have to transfer again’

‘s*** I knew I should have waited before pouring all that money into this preppy, rich school’

Yes those were the thoughts that occupied his mind as he began turning around to face the twenty or so students he would share the class with shortly

“My name is Howl Fowl




Mr. Corcoron screamed, his face was flooded with heat and anger. He slammed his hand on the podium that stood in the front of the class.


A girl in the back chuckled slightly


She wore a tight mini skirt and a blouse that showed no sign of a bra underneath, Howl scrutinized her disgusted and her mouth curve into a suppose-to-be alluring and probably lustful smile.

“no it’s just cause you said ’who throw that knife?’ the first time not a good example, mis-ster teach-er”

Mr. Corcoron’s faced twisted reflecting his own disconcerted mind.


He left slamming the door behind him while leaving poor Howl standing by the chalkboard. Howl sighed now he really regretted wasting his money on this place. In the class there were five rows of six each one was taken except for two. One that sat in the middle rear and one in the front corner. The seat toward the front felt occupied and there seemed to be a light smell of perfume which he deduced from that the seat belonged to a girl. The seat in the back however seem vacant not being touched so long that Howl could detect the lifelessness. So naturally it didn’t take a genius to know which seat he was going to sit in and without any help he casually moved himself to back.

Now Howl was not ordinary to be able to tell if there had been someone sitting in a seat was not normal but just because he was abnormal that did not mean that no normal person would be unable to tell that the class got significantly tenser as he approached the seat and practically jumped out of their skin when he sat down. He however did not care I was no concern to him why they reacted that way as long as the trouble had apparently already started stayed at the bare minimum.

“ehhhh, o you fell for my charm nah?”

Howl looked to his right and as fate would allow it the scanty girl that had given him that dirty smile earlier was now sitting beside him.


Her name Sarah was too common for her unbelievable personality, as much as Howl didn’t want to talk to her she seem to start her own conversation and hold it without any discomfort and before long he was involuntarily participating.

“Howl huh? What a weird name”

Howl sighed and put up his hand in a claw like manner


He said lifelessly. Sarah almost fell over laughing neither of them noticing or caring about the rat looking boy that seemed to steadily approach them.

“um excuse me”

“Do it again that was so funny hahaha”

“um excuse me”

Howl and Sarah both turned in his direction thoroughly aggravated.

“um this may sound a bit weird, but that’s someone else’s seat ya know”

Howl smiled

“Ya it’s the some kind of badass boss in class right I can tell.”

The rat boy seemed to shake with convection,




Howl still sat there looking as bored as ever now that the conversation he was having with Sarah was over.

“ain’t you scared you don’t look it..”

The rat boy was surprised to say in the least even if he was a transfer student the Tatami group was known worldwide for being the cruelest and harshest people there was.

“No, no I’m scared. So scared I can’t get up from this chair why don’t you tell your boss that”

Rat boy took a step back

“you’re a good lackey aren’t ya trying to scare me straight with that knife.”

The rat boy’s face grew dark.

“You knew?”

Howl pulled out the knife that had attached itself to the chalkboard from his pocket. Looking it over and opening up. It was a good knife a Smith & Wesson to be exact they were expensive but with this kind of knife you never needed another one.

“Yeah your scent’s all over it”

The rat boy’s charade ended as he realized that Howl wasn’t buying it

“What are you some sort of dog, give it to me”

Howl seemed to ignore him as he flipped the knife playfully in the air and caught it gracefully.

“And here I thought it was a welcome present”


Rat boy snatched fiercely it making Howl put his hands up in defense. Rat boy grimaced and turned away going back to his seat.

“B****** I’ll get you”

He muttered. But Howl unable to help himself, over heard

“wah.. So scary, seriously”

Howl laughed

“I might wet myself”

He smiled and looked at rat boy’s back

“Surely you can relate to that”

The class which was already silent and on end now officially held there breath. Even Sarah who from the corner of Howl’s eyes seemed to shake her head.

“What did you say?”

Rat boy said darkly. Howl squinted his eyes and smiled playful as he pondered whether he should say it but the fact was he wanted to say it so badly he was giddy.

“Nocturnal enuresis, ya smelled soaked in it”

Now there is something about human behavior to be noticed here. It is proven that the closer one gets to the truth the touchier the person can get. The reason I don’t particularly know but I’ve tested it personally and proven it to be true and in this case it was the very same thing because the fact of the matter was that what Howl had said was true.

“YOU FU***** B****** YOU WANNA DIE!!!”

Rat boy yelled pulling out the blade of the knife and pointing it toward Howl. The class screamed but they were more worried about their own life in fact although they were all witnessing this scene absolutely none of them decided to call a teacher or stop it.


But Howl sat there undisturbed by the screaming or the blade and smiled faintly.

“Ya like knifes huh, but I’d stop if I were you. If you keep going you’ll fall on it.”


Rat boy yelled his face red with fury.

“Yer gonna fall on it, I’ve seen people do it tons of times”

And in fact that was the truth Howl had seen lots of people fall on a knife and just because he was a good person he decided that this time it was best to warn them before the accident occurred.


However as usual things don’t go as planned and the rat boy lunged at Howl with his knife continuously slashing away like a madman.

Somehow though he is unable to land a single hit.

An anger provoking smile from Howl sends the poor ugly and tired rat boy back to his feet for another chance. By now the class is standing and blinking away unable to comprehend the situation of what was happening.

“How he avoid it”

Some whisper others have pulled out there phones not wanting to miss a single piece of this piece of action. But none of them really know what going on, none expect Dean Chapperilli. The bosses right hand man in fact it was through his eyes that Howl was able to tell that the boss sat in that seat. Yes only he knew what was really going on.

‘he’s swaying, he ain’t got no wasted movements and while sitting to’

Yes it was only Dean who realized the truth of this magic act

‘He ain’t normal’

And the partial truth of Howl.

Either way whether Howl was swaying or not the fact was rat boy was unble to land a blow and Howl had not once gotten up out of the seat


Sarah cheered happily


Jacob, also known as rat boy, screamed


She looked up as if she couldn’t remember

“was I?”


Jacob said turning back to Howl,

“I’ve just barely started but ya scared huh? Can’t even stand up”

However that was not the case. For Howl had not one shred of visible impatience on his face as he stared down at Jacob. Poor Jacob was being led around when he with the knife should have had the advantage and both he and the gallery knew it.

“I kill you”

He muttered through grinded teeth

“you really should stop”


Howl looked disturbed

“hey hey, let’s not get heated”

But Jacob was prideful, and just like that Jacob who had been walked all over had finally reached breaching point. After all it wasn’t his fault he had nocturnal enuresis in fact the reason he had it was because he was inept a poor and pitiful condition for any man. He couldn’t get excited like the other guys when it came to women and neither could he get into real conversations. It had become his taboo and before long just bringing up the subject got you a one way ticket to the hospital.

But not Howl, he wasn’t the same like all those other guys. He saw as Jacob launched at him and thinking this was the death blow he put all his force in it. But Howl was about to get injured not on his first day instead finding no choice she swiftly moved to the side standing up out of the chair out of Jacob’s path. The move too quick and too sudden shifted Jacob’s balance and he began to fall face forward. Unfortunately luck wasn’t on his side and the moment he meant to brace himself his hands slipped under him and he crashed on the floor flat on his knife.


Howl looked down on Jacob

‘he trips up and it’s on his lungs of all things’

He sighed as a group of boys surrounded him to take pictures with their phones while the girls busied themselves screaming at the sight of blood.

‘This is why I hate humans. Even though I do nothing they get worked up and pull something stupid’

Howl walked past the mass not wanting to bother with this any longer and headed to the door. He opened the door but looked back it was an unfortunate series of events if onl-

“Excuse me”

Howl looked to the door to see a girl standing there.

“Did you not hear me? I said excuse me”

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