Four Pretty Girls

March 11, 2011
By Anonymous

It was an ideal fall day in the quaint small town of Greenville. The sky was cloudless and the sun shone down on four pretty girls who had just been released for their spring break. Bianca, Diana, Naomi, and Gretchen all paraded into the parking lot where a vast assortment of BMW’s, Bentleys, and Lexus’s sat parked. Naomi pulled out a ring of keys and unlocked her red convertible Mercedes. The girls piled in and with Justin Beiber blasting through the speakers and the giddy laughter of four pretty girls.

The Mercedes pulls into a six car garage attached to stately mansion on a Pennsylvania estate. Shady apple trees and rolling green hills, crystal clear ponds with lilly pads drifting along their surfaces. A calm home is interrupted with the eager conversations and girly shrieks.

“Naomi, do your parents know about the trip?” Gretchen’s high pitched voice seemed to echo throughout the Stiller’s extravagant foyer. Naomi cut her friend a glare but no one was around to hear the question except for the cleaning lady who merely continued dusting the shelves. Bianca cleared her throat and gestured to the stairs where Mrs. Stiller stood with her arms crossed, looking down on her daughter and her friends.

“Girls, how was school?” though she tried to sound genuinely interested in her daughters life you could tell she was looking forward to the conversation to end.

“Fine mom, were just going to go upstairs,” Naomi gestured for the girls to follow her and they passed by Mrs. Stiller’s, her facade fading immediately.

In Naomi’s luxurious bedroom the girls lounged lazily on various couches. Gretchen looked up expectantly, Diane shut the door then all four girls escaped out to the balcony which overlooked the backyard. Gretchen was practically shaking with excitement.

“Okay, so I’m assuming your ‘rents do not know about the trip?” Gretchen looked at us expectantly. Naomi sighed dramatically.

“No Gretchen, obviously my parents don’t know about the camping trip. Do you honestly think they’d be okay with us camping out in the middle of the woods?” Naomi snapped. Gretchen’s face looked a little crushed, Bianca and Diana looked at each other uneasily.

“Sorry guys, just a little on edge,” Naomi ran her hands through her long platinum hair. Bianca and Diana came over and sat on either side of Naomi, they patted her thighs reassuringly.

“Don’t worry Naomi, tonight will be perfect,” Diana said. For the next few hours the girls packed their clothes looking forward to the perfect start to their spring break.

“So are you guys ready to leave?” Naomi had a suspicious glint in her eyes. She threw her duffel bag over her shoulder and pushed her Gucci sunglasses over her eyes. The girls followed her same example and crept quietly into the garage. A variety of exotic sports cars and nice sedans met the girls, one to choose for the girls. Naomi and the rest of the girls lumbered inside a sleek black Range Rover. They were careful not to make too much noise, the garage door opened and the girls drove the length of the half mile driveway until they turned the stereo back on.

“Bianca call Ricky, ask him where the road is?” Naomi ordered. Bianca pulled out her iPhone and called Ricky. After she hung up she directed Naomi to the opening in the foliage where a narrow dirt road led deeper and deeper into the forest. It seemed that the farther they got into the woods the more the girls filled with laughter. Finally they met a clearing where four tall teenage boys stood talking. Among them were two tents and camping equipment. The girls rolled down the windows and music filled the clearing. The boys hooted as the four pretty girls gracefully descended from the car.

After everyone finished setting up camp , they sat around the fire and the boys offered to tell ghost stories. A fire crackled and amber flew throughout the air. The air was chilly but the fire was enough to make them uncomfortable. The four girls sat on one log and the four boys sat on other, its mossy log supporting them. Ricky started out, holding a flashlight under his chin.

“Right here in this very clearing, four pretty girls just like you were going camping,” his voice possessed an eerie tone. “They told secrets and made s’mores. But before they went to bed another deeper voice joined their happy ones. It was deep and smoky, and seemed to be carried through the wind,” He said this in a voice like the one he described.

“The girls stopped and there faces drained of color. They crept closer together and huddled near the fire, the camps only source of light. Some time passed and they looked around looking for an owner for the voice. But none came. They saw faces in the woods and very soon all of them became very upset. They cried and cried, but when they tried to start their car, the engine failed,” Ricky raised his eyebrows menacingly.

Alexander grabbed the flashlight to finish the story.

“The girls huddled together in the tent but the voices kept calling, calling, calling,” Alexander stood over the girls as he said this, and the four girls shook with terror. During the telling of the story though they didn’t notice the two other boys get up and creep behind them. So when their hands came down and shocked the girls, their shrieks of terror was loud enough to make the birds rise form the trees. They ran to their car but the engine just sputtered. All four girls looked at each other wild eyed. The boys laughed and Darren held up the Range Rover’s battery. Unfortunately the girls didn’t find this as funny. Gretchen grabbed the battery and demanded that they put it back in the car. The boys complied but even then they couldn’t start the car. Upset and frightened the girls retreated to their tent while the boys retreated to theirs.

Even in the safety of their tent the girls couldn’t sleep. Diana went to the boys tent but no one was their. She looked around the clearing and noticed that Ricky’s Bentley was gone.

“Guys, guys come here, I think the boys left,”

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