Just a little different

March 25, 2011
By EnglishMe BRONZE, ALpine, Utah
EnglishMe BRONZE, ALpine, Utah
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“Quiet, you impolite mistake of a being…”

So I grabbed it, I wasn’t thinking, Everything hit me like a ton of bricks. And then I, then I…. I stabbed him…

Intro: Seven years and going on strong, the young girl, Vi, shows us how to be optimistic through all life’s trials…

“A Little Different”

I bet your wondering how this could happen

Let’s just say, it’s a long story

And so I’ll start from the beginning

My name is Violet But you can call me Vi

I was born July 21, 2003

In Provo, Utah (Mormonville) I am now seven, and a half

I knew I was never really normal

When I was born, there were some

I guess you call them, technical glitches

I was kept in the hospital for a week more than most babies

But don’t worry they fixed everything

When they brought me home, They found I was a quiet, sweet little child

But the older I got, the CRAZIER I acted

At age one and a half I loved to spin

I would twirl around the room until I fell and laughed from the dizziness

And one time I got a little too dizzy

I slipped on my brothers Star Wars action figure

Down I went till, I hit the ground and this tooth, it didn’t quite stay with me,

Its ok because I got one whole dollar from the tooth fairy!

Plus over the years, I saw it as… MY Trademark

But that incident, was just the beginning

I always was a smiley child

I knew my smile was perfect, minus a tooth and all

It was just for me and no one else could change that

I smiled through everything, the ups and downs of life

Some people told me they had never seen me mad or without smile

It was and still is my safety blanket

Being young I was always in sports

I began as a ballet dancer, but I usually got bored, and fast, So I decided a soccer girl was more my style

But… that didn’t last long either

I went to figure skating, then to cheerleading and back to a dancer

Presentation, competition, the feeling you get when you win, they were everything

That’s why I did what I did Until around age five,It was hard to stay happy all the time

In fact sometimes it made me irritated

That’s when they took me to the doctor

“Your daughter seems to have chronic depression, looks like it was inherited,”

The look on my moms face told me that wasn’t a good thing, “Is it something we can fix?”

“It is highly likely that we can make it go away, but she will have to take daily prescription pills”

But that never stopped me, now its almost normal feeling Well normal as it can get.
I smile despite what’s going on inside

I find it easier if people believe im happy rather than look too deep

So I continued with life

My brother didn’t make it much easier to be happy

He had good heart but he wasn’t the smartest…

One day I was watching him from around the corner and,

Something was on fire, because there was smoke coming from around him

I don’t know what it was, but it smelled gross

Later I was told what was going on

He was doing drugs, had been for some time

Im still not quite sure what they are

I was just told they were bad

What was going to happen to him?

The day he turned 18 he left and now I don’t see him anymore

But on with life we must go

That’s what nana always told me

So I smiled on

Till papa only got worse

He was an alcoholic,

And a pretty bad one

We handle everything as well as we could

I mean you cant choose your family

So we must love them with all our hearts, despite their flaws

I was always a little jealous of Sammy

She was my best friend and lived across the street

Her family meant everything to her

They would talk all the time

They’d eat dinner together and they’d say I love you, before they left or went to bed

My family was never like that

I was used to it

I knew it was out of my control

So I made the best of it

Some nights he’d come home and yell

Others he wouldn’t say anything

It got harder to pay the bills

And more often than not we’d go without dinner

But I always make sure I told mom I wasn’t hungry, even when I was

Then a year ago, from last night, disaster struck

He came home, early,

I opened my door just a crack so I could hear,

Not that I needed to he was loud enough

“What did you do?”

“I canceled your credit card, we cant pay the bills because your drinking so much.”


Slap, he hit her, across the face

She remained calm

“You’ve ruined my life; I won’t take it anymore, I filing for a divorce”

“No your not”

Slap, another time, he kept hitting her

She was crying so loud,

She screamed and the more she did, the more he hit

“STOP! STOP! STOP!” I yelled at him

“Quiet, you impolite mistake of a being”

He hit me, I flew across the room,

All that was in site was the knife holder

With three knives in it

So I grabbed it, the knife, I just wasn’t thinking,

Everything hit me like a ton of bricks.

And then I, then I…. I stabbed him…

What did I do?

He was hurting her, she was bleeding, Was I suppose to stand there and just watch it happen, no I couldn’t

He fell and it felt like forever till he hit the ground, the knife still embedded in his back

He was gone, but I felt no remorse,

What am I, I took a life and I don’t feel anything, anything besides safety

It was over

Mom took me in her arms

They decided it was self defence and I wasn’t punished

I continued on with life,

I was closer to a normal kid

I won the spelling bee, the art contest, and I was runner up for best macaroni art 2 years in a row

But I still am not like the other kids,

I smile too much,

And I live a different family life,

Im a little crazy at times and so are my friends, but that’s why I love them

Still with no front tooth

Or a sport that keeps me entertained for more than 20 minutes

And the depression still in me…

I know Im not normal.

But who wants to be normal when, you can be

Just a little different

The author's comments:
It is a piece like a monologue!

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