March 26, 2011
By Anonymous

Dear Claire,

Don’t worry about me. Don’t care if I venture off and never return to our slowly diminishing society. If I ever do come back, don’t speak to me. Hearing your voice will remind me of the past life I lived. If that’s what you are going to do, don’t bother leaving a note. Don’t express to me your desire for me to return and to act as though nothing has happened. The things that have happened are nothing like your silly and childish mistakes. They are life changing experiences that have taught me the true meaning of trust. The trust, or lack of it, I now have for you is slowly being burned like a forest on fire. It started off as something small and unimportant but has grown to be an unstoppable force. Unlike a forest fire, you don’t have a team of people trying to put you out. Instead, you have followers who trip over their underdeveloped selves just to be near you. I don’t want to be one of them. I don’t need your false sympathy. I fell for you. My pretty head crashing to the floor when I tripped over the to tall stilettos you gave me. You were my very own incurable virus that came faster than the flu but didn’t leave until I learned how to be cured. Now that I am cured I don’t want you here. One day, when this fantasy you call high school ends, nothing great will come for you. You will become another lost soul sitting in a pre-dug grave watching as I grow stronger and take your place. When I die a hero, people will know my name. They don’t call out my name in shame as you did when I was last picked for basketball teams. They cherish every word out of my mouth as though I were queen of the world. Now, I should be certain to leave you with my memory. You can keep this note and take into consideration all I have let you know. I know you won’t. You thrive on the misfortune of others. You don’t truly care about anyone or anything. If you do, you most definitely don’t allow anyone to notice. You are an insecure child with only two goals. You want to ruin others to prove to that small voice in you head that you are better than everyone. However, that voice isn’t learning much. It’s learning that everything you do and say greatly effects others lives. That you don’t seem to realize the true impact you make on others and their families. Well, now it’s my turn to change your life. My problem is that you won’t listen. You will allow everything into your heart but like a black hole, it will then take it in and rip it apart atom by atom until only what you want is left. I am sorry for letting you in on this bit of information. Right about now, you are probably laughing. Your false laugh and your fake smile that you put on so well. So don’t come chasing after me once I am gone. Don’t remember my loving smile and warm laughter. I don’t want you to. That is what this letter is seemingly about. Don’t. Just don’t. Don’t learn anything because it is to late. To late to learn something you should have figured out years ago. Well this is it. I am going to put my pen down and stop writing. Goodbye and don’t write me back.



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