The Worst Day Possible

March 24, 2011
By Stephanie Holm BRONZE, East Jordan, Michigan
Stephanie Holm BRONZE, East Jordan, Michigan
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The morning started off awful. This was the beginning of my sophomore year. My alarm started going off at 6:00 o’clock, and of course I ignored it. The time went by really fast and my mom came in the room.

“Stephanie, its 7:15, you’re going to be late. Get up now,” she said in a loud tone.
The bus comes in literally 5 minutes. I hurried out of bed and that loud annoying beeping sound from my alarm was still going. I shut it off, and threw some sweatpants and a t-shirt on. I go into the bathroom brush my teeth, and grabbed my make-up. My siblings were downstairs screaming the bus was here, and I quickly ran down the stairs missing the last two steps and falling. I got up fast and ran out the door. I hated the feeling that people were waiting for me. Of course all the seats were full and I had to sit with the only seat available. This was the smelliest kid I have never smelled. I try to ignore his smell, and I tried putting on my make-up. As I was putting on eye liner the bus hit a bump. I grabbed my mirror and noticed that there was a huge black line across my cheek. Great, another thing I had to worry about. I finished my make-up and knew I was going to have to remove the black line when I got to school. When I arrived to school, I rushed off the bus. Basically running inside, I ran to the bathroom. Grabbing a brown paper towel and drenching it in water I started to remove the mark. Luckily the mark was gone, but now I had a red splotch on my cheek. I didn’t look my best. I was in clothes that I would never wear to school as a sophomore. My hair wasn’t done and I just felt like everyone was laughing at me as I walked down the hallway. As I continued to my locker, I started to turn the lock. Oh my God. I forgot my combination. Heading to the office and asking for my combination, the office secretary said in a mean sarcastic tone, “You seriously forgot your combination.” She rolled her eyes and handed me a piece of paper with the number on it. I walked back to my locker and started to turn the lock. Opening the door, books fell out and landed on my toe. That really hurt. Reaching for the book I needed and couldn’t find it. As I was thinking where it could be, I remembered that I took it home last night. I walked into the dreadful classroom of Mrs. McPherson. I only hated going in there because MST was the worst. I told her what happened and of course just my luck she didn’t show any sympathy. As my day continued it just got worse. The first three hours of the day were the worst. I fell asleep in math, and was utterly confused in chemistry. The day seemed like it was going so slow. The arms on the clock seemed like they only moved every ten minutes. It was finally lunch, and they had spaghetti. This was my favorite food. Finally my day was getting better I thought. But it didn’t. As I took a bite sauce dropped off my fork and landed on my shirt. It wasn’t just a little bit of sauce, it was a lot. So now I had to walk around in sweatpants, a shirt with spaghetti sauce on it, messy hair and the worst attitude ever. The school day finished with me falling asleep again in class, and being called on all the time by the teacher. The last bell rang, and I hurried to my locker so I could make the bus. Of course, my locker wouldn’t open. Finally it did and I ran to the bus. It was gone. Great, now I have to walk home. Luckily I only live my top ten and it’s not that far. It had rained that day and there were puddles of water everywhere. And of course some jerk had to hit one and the whole back of me got soaked by dirty rain water. I was angry at that point now. I finally made it home and opened the door and went and sat on the couch. My mom walks in and asks that question that she shouldn’t have.
“Bad day?”

I was angry as it is, and I freaked out.
“Bad day? Bad Day? It was the worst day,” I yelled in a sarcastic manner.
“Oh jeeze, sorry I asked.”
I didn’t mean to blow up at my mom, but I did. That resulted in me cleaning my room the rest of the night. My room was a disaster and it was going to take the whole night to do it. I tried multi-tasking by cleaning my room and doing my homework at the same time. It didn’t work quite well. I finally finished both; it was a very long night. I was ready for this day to be over. I closed my eyes when I hopped into bed. As my eyes were closed I was thinking to myself that I hope tomorrow goes a little bit better because that was possibly the worst day I had ever had.

The author's comments:
All this happened to me. It basically was the worst day I have ever had.

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