Candy Wished

March 20, 2011
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Chapter 1:
Happy Fifteenth!

Today was September 10, Nicole Everest’s 15th birthday. Everyone came over to celebrate it, including all of her closest friends. After many hours, her friends go home and her mom, Lynda, comes in with the mail and says, "Nicole, package for you." Nicole tears it open after her mom leaves. From inside the package, she picks out a jar of candies. "What are these?" she asks in confusion. She sees that there is a note with them. It says: "These are magic candies that will grant your every wish. They will only grant your wishes for three days, so wish wisely and Happy Fifteenth!"

"It must be a joke, and why only three days?” she says. For the heck of it, she decides to give it a try. She pops one of them in her mouth, noticing that they have a fruity taste to them. "I wish I had fifty dollars" she wishes. Nothing happens. "Figures." she says. She places them down on the dining room table and starts to go upstairs. Then, she suddenly felt something in her pocket. She pulls it out to reveal 50 dollars.

"I can't believe it. Magic really exists!" she says, shocked. "I should go get them back,” she says as she races back downstairs to the dining room. She sees that the jar of candies is still there on the table. "Phew, thank goodness nobody took them." she says to herself as she picks up the jar. She brings them back into her room and sets them on the night stand. She gets ready for bed and is soon drifting off to sleep.

Nicole wakes up the next morning still wondering what her next wish will be. This time she thinks she can take the jar with her to school. She is headed to her mother’s room to tell her that she is leaving for school now. With the jar in hand, she walked downstairs and out the door. “Maybe I could give these things a real test,” she says to herself. She walks out to the bus stop and waits there for it to arrive.

Chapter 2:

While waiting for the bus, Nicole decides she wants to give these wishing candies a real test. She plops another one into her mouth and wishes she could fly. Instantaneously, Nicole is off the ground. Caught off guard, she lets out a yelp and nearly falls over. She reaches down to grab her backpack off of the ground and tries to move around in mid-air. Soon she is up above her house. She continues to go higher and higher, until her school bus looks like a small toy.

Nicole flies past the buildings and cars and trees, alongside the birds in the sky. In no time she is just above her school building. She thinks about landing in front of her friends and bragging about her magical candies, but decides it would be a bad idea. She decides to skip school for the day. Just around the corner is the mall. She flies there with great ideas.

When Nicole arrives at the mall she lands swiftly on her feet just in front of the door. She looks around at the bewildered faces of the men and women who had seen her flying and shrugs it off. She wouldn’t want to draw too much attention.

Once in the mall, Nicole notices that she left the fifty dollars in her nightstand. “Oh great! Now how am I supposed to buy anything?” she asks herself, now a little disappointed. She now knows her next wish. With thirteen candies left in the container, she grabs out another. “I wish I had a credit card with an endless amount of money on it!”

In a split second Nicole found a credit card in her front pocket with her name on it. She went into the first store she saw and went all the way through the store until she had bought all of her favorite things in every single store, and then some. Every now and then she would have too many bags to carry so she spent another wish on wishing everything she bought instantly transported to her room.

When Nicole had sold the whole store out she grabbed some lunch and relaxed in the bookstore to read a magazine, which of course she had already subscribed to every one of her favorites. She thought about her wishes now. She had eleven wishes left and she wanted to use them wisely. She put down the magazine and walked out of the store.

Chapter 3:
It’s All About Image

Straight from the mall, Nicole flew back home, knowing that her mother was gone for work already. Right away she organized everything that she had bought and found a place to put them in her room. Her family had just recently moved into the house and she knew they would be staying there for a very long time, so she thought she might as well make it comfortable. She thought about her dream room and made a candy wish on it. Instantly, it changed into that room and she cried out with joy, “Look at my room! It’s perfect! Everything! Just like in the magazines.”

Nicole turned on her favorite music and tried on all of her new clothes, eager to take a look at every outfit and accessory. While passing by her mirror she takes a closer look at her appearance and frowns. Nicole wasn’t the prettiest girl in school and she often felt a little insecure about herself, so she thought she might change that. “Nothing big, just a few touch ups.” She says as she thinks of how she would like to change.

For one thing she wanted to be a few inches taller so she could be perfect for the volleyball team, and modeling! She also wanted her too-thin, short brown hair to be long luscious curls with a soft silky glow. Her eyes were pitch black with no hint of color, no hint of delight. She decided to lighten them up to a deep shade of brown. She made her nose smaller; a perfect size to fit her diamond shaped face, and darkened her skin tone from its pale lifeless color to a healthy olive glow. All of this in one candy wish.

After the transformation Nicole felt a little exhausted. She decided to fly over to the spa a few miles away and relax there. There was a special teens area there just for her age and she knew the owner well, so she let her in. There she got a facial, manicure and pedicure, and a relaxing massage. The owner, Ms. Bahweller, was a great friend of her mother and often came over for dinner. She never questioned Nicole on why she wasn’t in school, but she did notice her change in image.

“Wow! My, have you grown. You look so healthy and beautiful! I love your hair! Are you wearing contacts? It’s great to see you. Enjoy yourself okay. They will take great care of you here. You know where to find me if you need anything Nicole!” And with that, she walked through the door to help out some of her other customers.

“It’s official… This is the best day of my life.” Nicole said while flying home.

Chapter 4:
Third Day, Last wishes

When Nicole woke up, the first thought that ran through her mind was that this was the last day her candies would be magical. She had ten candies left and was determined to spend them all. Her plan was to think of all of the wishes she could and write them down, and then she would give the remaining wishes to her mother. That is, of course, if she believed in it.

Nicole hadn’t really seen her mother the past couple of days. She has kind of been avoiding her, afraid she would be mad at her changes and would think the “magic candies” were just an excuse to hide she had used up her moms money or something silly like that. Her mom went to work an hour after Nicole left for school and didn’t come back until around four or five at night, so it was pretty easy to hide from her. But today was a Saturday, and her mother didn’t work on Saturdays.

Nicole got up to shower and change into one of her great new outfits. She had plans to go out with friends to the movies today and needed to look good. After all, you never know whom you’ll see at the movies. She was curious to know if the wishes she had made would forever be, so she tested out her flying again. “Ouch!” she yelled softly as her head hit the bathroom ceiling. “Well at least I know I can still fly whenever I want.”

With ten wishes left, Nicole listed out her last wishes for the day:
I wish I was a model
I wish I had an a million dollars stored away for college in a safe place that no one could steal and we could never lose
I wish I wont die until I’m 100 years old but I could still be happy and healthy until then
Nicole leaves 6 wishes for mom, knowing she will have tons of things to wish for, and leaves the last one for her, which she will make that night right before bed.

Chapter 5:
A Mother’s Wishes

Nicole now satisfied, she makes her wishes and heads downstairs to talk to her mom. On the last step, he mother yells out “Oh Nicole! What have you done with your hair! And your eyes… are those contacts? Did you get a tan? Where did you get the money? You didn’t take it from my purse did you? Did you go to the spa without me?”

“Mom, relax! I didn’t take your money. No there are not contacts and I did not get a tan. Um, yeah I did go to the spa without you… But I can explain everything! But you’re going to have to believe me, ok?”

“Yeah, okay Nicole. Start explaining now.”

“Well, do you remember a few days ago on my birthday when you handed me a package?”

“Yes. What does that have to do with anything though?”

“Well in the package I found these candies.” She shows her mom the container with six candies in them, the seventh on Nicole’s dresser for that extra special wish. She continues, “I got a note along with it that read ‘these are magic candies that will grant your every wish. They will only grant your wishes for three days, so wish wisely and Happy Fifteenth!’” She shows her mom the note and the candies.

“Nicole… is this some kind of joke. I’m not really in the mood. I had a bad day at work.” She frowns as she tosses on the couch along with the note.

“No, no mom it isn’t a joke. If you don’t believe me try one of the candies yourself! Make any wish you want, but wish wisely. I promise you that it will come true. Please just try one. For me?”

“Oh fine.” Her mother replies, unconvinced. She grabs the container of candies off of the couch and plops one in her mouth, noticing the fruity flavor just as Nicole did.
“Umm… I wish…” she looks at the small TV in the center of the room, old and dusty. “I wish for a forty-two inch flat screen TV.” Just as soon as she had said it, the flat screen replaced the small TV and Nicole’s mother’s eyes grew wide with delight, curiosity, and a little bit of fear. “I… I can’t believe it. This is insane! This is magical! I love this!”

“Well you can enjoy it some more, the rest of the candies are yours, I only have one more wish to make, and I’m making it tonight before I go to bed.” Now smiling, Nicole was happy that her mother knew about this great discovery and could make all of her dreams come true.

Chapter 6:
The Last Wish

Nicole left for the movies with her friends a few hours later, noticing as she walked to the front door that the house looked much more like a mansion and delicious smells were coming from the now gourmet kitchen. Her mother was cooking up a storm. She was inviting a few friends over and they would all share an amazing dinner. She hoped that Nicole could make it back in time for the meal.

Happier than ever, Nicole and her friends enjoyed an amazing movie and shared laughs on the way there and back. They all complimented Nicole on her new look and asked where they could get the same done. All Nicole could say do was smile and say “Thank you. A friend did it for me.” She already knows there would be too much to say and too much she couldn’t say if she had told them the truth.

When Nicole arrived back home her mother’s friends had just arrived and were seating themselves at the dining room table. They all shared a glorious dinner with foods Nicole couldn’t even pronounce, and desserts she had never seen. After the meal the women gathered in the living room to gossip and Nicole excused herself to her room. It was 11:15pm and Nicole thought this was a perfect time to make her wish. She thought about it a little more, thinking of the outcome. She grabbed the candy, plopped it in her mouth, and spoke.

“I know this may sound a little stupid, and I’m not sure if you could make this happen, but this is my last wish. I wish for a happy ending. Not just for me, but for the world. I thought about wishing for more wishes, but that just seemed selfish, and I have all I need. I thought about wishing for world peace, but I know that could never really happen. I’m just wishing that the ending is a happy one for us all, a peaceful one. Oh, and… thank you.”

She didn’t really know whom she was talking to, but she knew that someone needed to be thanked for this. Happy with her wish and exhausted from the long day, Nicole fell fast asleep.

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