Plane Crash Disaster

March 18, 2011
By Anonymous

There was once a man and woman named Michael and Hannah who met long, long ago. The man always had a problem finding the right girl for him, and then he met her. The two quickly fell in love with one another, and decided to go on a plane ride to Australia. That was when things turned into a disaster for the two, and here’s there story how.
It was a nice, warm day in the middle of spring with a sight wind coming from the east. Michael and Hannah were on a plane heading to Australia to get away from the never sleeping city life of New York City. Then, an announcement came on from the pilot; they were about to crash and to prepare for impact. The couple began to look at one another, scared of what is about to happen.
“Michael, this cannot be good.”
“I know honey, don’t worry, everything’s going to be just fine as long as we are together, no matter where we are.”
Michael began to run his hand through Hannah’s long, silky, blond hair like he’s done many times before. Hannah tried to stay calm, and puts her head on Michael’s shoulder, which in turn puts his arms around her tight.
Then, a loud crash came with a earthquake feel, making everybody scream that was on the plane, except for Hannah, who jumped onto Michael’s lap frightened. Everyone began to get off the plane, to see exactly where they had crashed. They had crashed landed onto what everyone thinks is the Bermuda Triangle.
While everyone was near to the plane, the couple began walking around, to see what they should do and if there were any people there that could call for help. Finding nothing, they start walking back to the plane. It was at that time, that everyone came to realize the pilot was nowhere to be found and must be dead.
“Michael, what should we do?”
“We’re probably going to be here awhile, so we might as well build us some shelter.”
The two begin to walk hand and hand, to start building them some shelter, soon after the other people stranded with them began to do the same.
It was nearly nighttime in the place they were now stranded at for who knows how long. Everyone was lying down on the warm leaf beds, falling asleep. Michael and Hannah on the other hand, were laying together in each others arms wide awake, trying to make the best of being stranded.
As quickly as it could have possibly come, it was morning, and the sun was shining brightly with no clouds disturbing it. Everyone was out and about, trying to get themselves something to eat, no one even thought of going to the ocean and get food, except for the couple who caught a fish that was big enough for two. The couple sat down on the sand, talking about what they should do.
“Michael, what are we going to do?”
“I don’t know, but we need to survive as best we can. All we can do is hope that someone finds us.”
“And what should I do until someone finds us, if they even do?”
“Honey, don’t worry, just think of this as an adventure for us.”
Hannah rolls her eyes at Michael. Every time something bad happens, it always has to be an adventure for him. Even when the thing isn’t bad at all, it is still going to be an adventure.
Soon, the scorching hot afternoon came on the island. Everyone began going crazy since there seems to be no civilization here at all, not even tribes of some sort. They were all alone, no one to turn to, nowhere to go, they were stuck in the worst place to be stuck at. People were beginning to swim into the ocean, promising to go and get help if they are able to make it far enough to be able to. None of them, nor help seemed to come back from where ever they had gone back to the people left stranded on the island.
What seemed to be like two or so weeks passed, no one was on the island with Michael and Hannah. The two had now been together a year and they now, were all alone. Until one day, when Hannah had some unexpected pains in her stomach, making her feel like she was dying on the inside.
“Michael! Come quick!”
Michael comes running to Hannah’s aid, helping her lie down on the ground, scared of what is going on. Hannah is now in tears, for the pain seems to be getting far worse than it was before.
“Honey what’s wrong?!”
“I don’t know!”
Hannah begins tugging at her pants, trying to get them off of herself since she feels like they are cutting her circulation off.
“Help me!”
Michael begins helping Hannah, ripping her pants off of her as fast as he could. That was when he noticed what looked like a water breaking, with some blood in it as well. Turns out, Hannah was pregnant and about to give birth to his child, he had no idea what to do, and he was in shock.
“Hannah you’re pregnant!”
“I’m what?”
“You’re pregnant! You need to give birth right now! We can’t wait any longer than we’ve already have.”
Hannah begins to push as hard as she can, trying to rush like Michael said to, the pain was even worse now she was screaming so loud. Thankfully, it wasn’t long after that when Hannah was done giving birth, the hardest thing she ever had to do.
“Hannah you did it! Look, it’s a baby girl!”
“How great.”
Hannah was going in and out of conciseness, she had lost a lot of blood during the delivery and was about to die. Michael soon realized, now he was even more frightened. He quickly wrapped the screaming newborn little girl in Hannah’s ripped pants tightly and set her beside her mother. He now remembered he had his phone in his pocket, and immediately called 911, they traced the call from his cell and quickly arrived. It was just in time to save Hannah, she was going to survive.
They quickly arrived at the hospital; the doctors immediately started taking care of Hannah and the newborn baby girl. Michael was left in the waiting room, scared of losing Hannah, and the baby they just had together.
A few hours later, a nurse came into the waiting room, and called Michael’s name to give him some news.
“Michael Davis?”
Michael quickly got up, still with tears in his eyes began walking to the nurse nearby.
“Is Hannah and my baby alright?”
“Sir, you have nothing to worry about, they are doing fine. You can go and see them now if you would like to, they are in the room right across the hall.”
Michael runs to the room that Hannah was in, once he got there, he saw Hannah the love of his life holding their precious daughter in her arms. He walked over to Hannah’s side, taking a look at the baby they had made together. She was perfect; she had the tinniest hands and feet to go with her very small body, with blond hair and blue eyes just like her mother.
“Hey there you Michael, do you want hold the baby?”
“Yes, I’m so happy to see that you two are okay.”
Hannah hands Michael the baby girl, once he holds her he is come over with deep emotions. That was his baby girl that came from the prettiest girl in the world, the one he can call his own he finally had a family.
“So Michael, can you tell me how they got me here?”
“There was an airplane that flew you here honey.”
“Okay, then how did the airplane know where I was?”
“I called them on my cell phone that was in my pocket.”
“So, let me get this straight, you had a cell phone in your pocket the whole time we were there?”
“Why did you not call on it sooner to get us and the other people off the island before they all died?”
“I wanted it to be an adventure for us, I only called because I knew we needed help fast or I was going to lose you.”
Hannah began to smile and laugh after she heard that, Michael always wanted an adventure. Even if it meant pretending you didn’t have your phone when you really did the whole time until you really needed help. But it looks like he got the adventure he wanted after all, and then she thought, raising a baby together should be a big enough adventure for him. That was the day they all left the hospital. Their adventure had just begun; they had a long hard road ahead of them.

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