Keep Us Together Always: Part 1

March 16, 2011
By sandhawk3000 PLATINUM, Collinsville, Connecticut
sandhawk3000 PLATINUM, Collinsville, Connecticut
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"Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies." ~Aristotle

I remember the day I met her, more clearly than I remember anything else. I remember it so well…because that was the day I started believing in two things. That was the day that I finally believed I could live for somebody other than myself, and the day that I started believing in love at first sight.

There could be nothing more perfect than her…she was beautiful in every way. Even from her lanky tall figure, to her mismatched eyes. Something in those eyes held a part of me that I hadn’t even known I was searching for, yet there it was…just waiting in her eyes.

I remember studying her for a few minutes, watching the way she moved…the way she studied every book on the library shelf, as if she were getting to know each and every one. Had I seen her before? She looked so familiar. I felt like if I had seen somebody with green and brown hair, that I would have definitely remembered them. Maybe I saw her in passing at school…well, before I dropped out.

There was a pause in her movement, and there must have also been a pause in my thinking. For without thought, I reached forward and touched her shoulder. Freezing up almost as quickly as I had done so, and finding my brain working hard, to make up for lost time.

She seemed to tense from my hand upon her shoulder, and turned around quickly. I found myself face to face with her now, that green eye, and the strange slightly milkier blue eye, that I would grow to learn she was blind in.

“Yes?” she asked, as she looked up from the book that she was currently holding in her hand. I liked books…I liked books more than I liked people. I think I liked books better…because books never changed, they were always the same story…and they would never change from that form.

“Oh well…I noticed you were taking out a book…that I was kind’ve interested in taking out, and well…u-um I was wondering if maybe I could have it?” I asked, as I held a hand out, almost expecting her to just take the book and walk away.

“The Catcher in the Rye?” she asked, as she rose an eyebrow at me, “Why do I find it slightly strange that you’d be taking this book out?” she asked a slight joking tone to her voice, as I stared down to that small smile her lips had curled up into, gulping slightly. Dammit…she was so close.

“What, ya gonna make something of it?” I snapped harshly, and watched as the smile vanished from her face, replaced with a line, just a line…not even a frown, a line. Oh brilliant, great way to make a first impression James, really.

“Sorry…” she grumbled, as she pressed the book into my hand with slight force, “Next time I’ll check over what I say, so I don’t upset his majesty.” She growled, and turned around, disappearing into the rows of books, and leaving me feeling awkward and like I had messed up big time.

“W-Wait!” I called out, as I reached for the air where her shoulder had just been, hoping that maybe that would pull her back. No…I’d lost her for then, and I’d have to wait. I swore quietly under my breath, and turned around noticing all the faces staring over at me. This was a library after all…that whole shut up or leave rule still applied, and I had just yelled rather loud.

“I’m just gonna…go ahead and leave now.” I muttered, as I grabbed my messenger bag, as if anybody cared if I was there or not. I think that was the first time I ever went to the library and just came out with nothing, damn…that chick had really gone and messed up my head, hadn’t she?

What was that odd sensation panging in my heart? I didn’t know…I didn’t care. I just wanted to get back to my apartment and have a nap before I had to start work at the local Shop n’ Stop.
I was only eighteen…just barely turned that old, as of three months ago. But I had been living on my own since then, dropped out…my parent’s did always say I could only live in their house if I was getting an education. I didn’t really think they were being serious about that little rule, but I was.
It was the bad part of town, the part riddled with crime and also littered with crime, here there were too different types of crime. The kind I got bagged for, like shop lifting, and then the kind that made your blood curdle. The kind that I really don’t want to talk about, mainly because if you talk about stuff like that…you usually end up getting into it.

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