Mountain Heights

March 18, 2011
I felt the pendent of Saint Christopher bounce madly only my chest as I raced down the mountain. The music from my mp3 blared in my ears. It gave me courage to go faster and faster. Insane amounts of adrenaline pumped through my freezing veins. My acute turns sprayed powder-like snow up into the air behind me. A large jump was approaching; I had no intentions of slowing. The jump was approaching. There was a split second of doubt and fear. Then, I was in the air. I felt weightless as I spun a full 360 degrees. My snowboard made smooth contact with the ground, and I stopped hard. Loose snow tumbled across my friends’ feet as the stared at me, their eyes glazed with awe. Then, everything disappeared. I opened my eyes to see my self in a hospital bed, surrounded by family and friends. Apparently I had crashed and suffered a minor concusion.

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