The Cliques

March 17, 2011
By Anonymous

Anyone can walk into a high school and figure out the clique where they belong sooner or later. Then theirs my High School where your put into a clique on the first day.There's no one who cares about your opinion or even gives you a second look. Your put their and your going to like it. A clique is like a gang. You stick up for your clique like is a gang. If you get caught talking to the enemy or being a snitch your emotionally killed. The enemy can attack you with texts that murder your confidence and post pictures of you that will make you cry in the bathroom stalls. Which is exactly what they want, they want to make you look weak so that other cliques can take you down. High School is a battlefield where students die or their clique. Its their dedication that makes that cliques so successful. Class desks are used as tombstones where valuables are filled to the max and never used again. Teachers are the shot callers(leaders) if your put in the wrong class then our lifetime dream has vanished and it took your happiness with it.Your life may may feel like it is over but it isn't over until your clique is.

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