my story { the true one }

March 17, 2011
By Anonymous

My story
{the true one}

“ Did you hear what Ashleigh did with Matthew?” Sam asked Allison in a hushed tone.

That’s how this all started, with a girl who told my secret. Sam, who I’d been, friends with since I had came to Woodson Elementary School. Sam, the one person who knew every detail about me and my screwed up life. But, I guess this was another secret she couldn’t keep. This one that she told, however, was the one that ruined me. Are you curious yet (I would be)? Alright, well here it is, here is my secret: I’m a “s**t”…

I guess I should go back to the beginning. I got sent to Woodson Elementary School after being expelled from Hillside Elementary School in the beginning of the sixth grade. Three weeks in the school year and I was the new kid (woo hoo). At first everyone was nice, I found some friends, but I guess I found the ones everyone loved… to talk about. My first friend I made, Summer was known as the s*** of the whole sixth grade, possibly the whole school. She was best friends with Sam, a shy, timid girl, who was in the same class as Summer and now me. Sam and I were very similar; we were both shy and never really thought about in any way except Summer’s quiet friends. The only reason I was ever really talked to was because I was the new girl. I got asked tons of questions, but I only said the basics. Name: Ashleigh, birthday: January 10, 1996, previous school: Hillside Elementary School. I guess I should have known not to say the last one. The other students eventually found out why I was expelled. So in only one week at my new school I was labeled as the drug girl. Which was a lie I had never done drugs, I only gave a girl a pill, which she got sick off of, that she asked for. A couple months after that revelation, Sam told my first secret, which was that I was eleven and had never been kissed. So, along with my past and this truth, people either loved me or hated me. Nothing really important happened after that. At the end of the year my grades were almost straight C’s and B’s.

Seventh grade is when my life started to fall apart. Right before school started up again, I got a whole new wardrobe. I still remember what I wore on the first day; it was a plaid miniskirt, a black tank top, Roxy wedge heels, and a black Hurley tote bag. Five minutes after I got to school I found Sam, Summer had moved to Florida, so it was just Sam and me. During those first five minutes I heard people call me a h*, s***, w****, b**** and so on. Another five minutes went by and the bell rang, as I was walked to homeroom the principal dress coded me for my tank top and miniskirt. So, I was the first person of the year to get dress coded, after only ten minutes on campus. First semester flew by, my end of semester grades were three F’s, one D, one C, and one B+.

Second semester of seventh grade I got my first kiss(at twelve years old) from my fifteen year old guy friend. That was the second secret Sam told. So, again I was a called a s***, h*, w**** and b**** because it was s***** to kiss a guy three years older than me (that never made sense to me). When the “secret” got back to me it was, “ Ashleigh got her first kiss from a fifteen year old and got mono”. It’s sort of funny because I did get sick after my first kiss, but with bronchitis, not mono. For two weeks I had to stay at my aunt’s house, so that I wouldn’t get my mom sick. When I went back to school there was a rumor going around that I had been pregnant, had a baby, and gave it to an orphanage. That’s the craziest rumored that was ever been told about me.

At home my mom and I fought a lot. I ran away so much that the police wouldn’t believe that my mom ever kicked me out. When I wasn’t at school or running away I was at home living in my own personal hell. During all of that I started to take my mom’s anti anxiety pills, every night. Every time the dosage would stop taking affect, I would just take one more pill. At least until I over dosed. My mom found me in the morning, and rushed me to a hospital. I only remember going off on my dad for having the nerve to visit me in the hospital after having been such an a** all my life, and then nothing.
Now, I’m gone, and all that’s left is my story{ the true one }.- Ashleigh Nicole Monroe

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my friend from when i was little.

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