March 16, 2011
By MissMeggie BRONZE, Colorado Springs, Colorado
MissMeggie BRONZE, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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As the casket was being opened, Emma dropped on her knees and sadly wept for the boy that meant the entire world to her. So young with such a bright future in store for him is now sentenced to life in heaven. Finally she collected herself enough to stand up and take a final glimpse of him. “All the possibilities there are out there to live your life and you never got a chance to experience any of them. Oh sweet baby brother, the light you’ve shined on everyone down on this planet will shine forever in our hearts even though your flame has been blown out. We will see each other again, one of these days. But for now say hi to grandma and grandpa for me. How I love you…And the casket fell shut as the boy inside will remain in peace for eternity.
What on earth was I thinking?! A good sister would’ve taken him to his friend’s house. But no I, I made him walk. It was way too dark and too late for an 11 year old boy to trudge the millions of miles it takes to reach Cody’s house. All I can think about is the guilt hoisted upon me for making him walk. Ya know it’d be different if it were in broad daylight when all the neighbors were out. That would’ve been better. I should’ve told him; yes I’d take him or no wait ‘till tomorrow but safety was the farthest thing from my mind. The only thought running through my mind that night was going to this party. This gorgeous guy whom I’ve been in love with for I don’t know…2 years? Finally acknowledged my existence and invited me and my best friend Rebecca Jaminson. Well, Becca for short. So of course I was concerned with looking my best. I sure didn’t think anything could cost more than the shirt, the skirt, the shoes, the hair day at the salon with Becca, the jewelry to match my outfit, my manicure, and the new perfume I just had to have but I was wrong. That night I lost my little brother. And I would give everything and anything I own just to see him chasing our dog, Buttons down the stairs or having a, how long can you hold your breath contest with him, and even carrying him up to his bed after he had fallen asleep watching a movie on the couch. That will never happen though…and I can’t tell you how much it hurts to have chosen a guy who took his sweet ass time to notice you over the boy who declared you his best friend the moment Momma brought him home from the hospital and he grabbed a hold of your finger while looking up with all his might just to smile. At that moment I made him my priority. I trusted him and he trusted me. This was a dumb decision on his part…
All right, enough of my blabbering about how I wish things could be different, they will never be. So let’s rewind to the evening of Brandon King’s St. Patty’s Day Bash. Woo, that was a tongue twister. May I remind those who are reading this, the girl who has been talking and the girl who’s about to talk are very different. You’ve seen the compassionate and hopeless sister of her deceased baby brother now you’re about to witness how crazy one high school crush can make a girl.
Let me set the scene; it’s about oohhh…7:04pm on Thursday March 17th 2011. The rents are out partying hard with the neighbors no doubt maybe playing Go Fish. Yeah that’s about as cool as they get. Me? I’m getting all gussied up for Brandon’s party with Becca! And my brother? He’s down in the basement playing Xbox kinect most likely. It’s St. Patrick’s Day here in the lovely outskirts of town in Colorado.
“Emma! Brandon won’t be able to contain himself seein’ you in that!” “Really? You think it’s cute enough? Cause I did buy…” “No, no that’s way too cute for you to be changing…again.” She was right, this shirt was lime green of course and the way it was cut made the shirt’s sleeve fall just a little bit off the shoulder and I wore a black mini skirt and white heels. Judge all you want but if you wanna impress a god like Brandon King that’s how you’ve gotta dress. Becca was in the middle of straightening my hair when…”EMMA! EMMA! EMMA! Will you PLEASE take me to Cody’s house?! He just called me and told me he bought the game that will change the basis of how all future video games will be created…forever!” “Hey twerp can’t you see I’m about to leave for a party as soon as Becca does my hair?” “Oh that’s where you’re going? I thought you guys finally got accepted to the circus! ‘Cause only clowns wear that much make up!” He’s a real charmer isn’t he? This back and fourth bickering went on for about fifteen minutes before I finally said, “Why don’t you hitch hike, or ride your bike, or better yet walk? Walking would do you some good!” “Yeah that is true, walking is good for your health ya know?” Becca added. “Thanks sis for nothing. BYE!” “Bye midget tell Cody’s parents to hmmm I don’t know get off their lazy asses once in a while and come pick you up? After all, we drive that snotty kid practically everywhere.” “Okay whatever Emma! Have fun getting your heart broken by Brandon!” “And you have fun walking in the dark! I hope you don’t get kidnapped!” And just like that the door slammed shut.
Without knowing it those would be the last words I would ever say to him. The last conversation we ever had, and neither one of us said, I love you. If time could rewind just for a minute and had I known the fate of him as he walked out the door an, ‘I love you’ would’ve escaped my lips hitting him with confusion but he would know that he’s loved. And still is.
It’s currently 7:56pm and Becca and I are on our way to possibly the best party of the entire school year! As my foot landed on the front door steps I peered through the little window next to the door and inside was like a dream. Ok, that was a tad dramatic but it is exactly how I pictured it! All the decorations were green! If I didn’t know whose house this was I’d believe it was that tall green guy on those green bean cans. Ya know the guy who has like a skirt made of leaves? Anyway that’s not the point. Brandon sure knows how to throw a party! There were people jumping off the porch onto the trampoline and half of them managed to land in the pool! The ones who didn’t, well they managed to…live. Becca called me over to where she was which was next to…well surely you can make a guess. Correct. It was him. He and I had a pleasant conversation going until he poured vodka right into my sprite. Obviously he wanted my inhibitions lowered which isn’t my thang, if you will. It seemed as if everyone there, except this kid Eric, was shit faced. And how Eric was invited I don’t even know...but we started talking and purposely tripping the people who were shit faced and a bond really grew between us. The night seemed to be going pretty fantastic except for the phone call from my frantic mother.
At 9:51pm I put the phone up to my ear and heard this, “Emma! Sweetheart! Please come down to Memorial North it’s an emergency!” In the blink of an eye I was racing down the streets not even caring if the police cars had to chase me. All that was running through my mind was “What happened?” I hadn’t gotten the bad news yet but as soon as I stepped foot into the hospital and saw my mom clutching at her heart with tears down her face. I stopped, took a deep breath and muttered under my breath, “Oh god, Joey.” My mom made her way over to me and collapsed in my arms. At this moment I knew my best friend didn’t make it to Cody’s house. I went into his room not bothering to ask what happened. I kneeled right next to his side looked in his baby blue eyes and he took as much effort as he did the very first time I held him to look up and just smile at me as he grabbed my finger with his. I kissed him on the forehead and then the doctor took me out of the room and told me what happened on the night of March 17th 2011 around 8:32pm…

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