Big Girls Don't Cry

March 10, 2011
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A family, a best friend, the whole world rotated around the small town of Xenia, Ohio, or so I thought. “Leaving, how could we?” I said to my mom the day I found out we were moving. My whole world is there, this is so unfair. Leaving this town would be like only having half a heart and I couldn’t live without the other half.

As moving day starts creeping closer, I try to make the days as long as I can. Savoring every moment with my family and friends, and making many memories, but there was no way to keep moving day from coming. So when it was time to leave I couldn’t bear to think of this not being my house any more. No more walking over every morning to my Aunts house before school, no kick the can, and hide-in-go seek games after school. My life would be ruined, or so I thought.

Sadly, too soon to be true, moving day arrives. As we hug and kiss our family goodbye, and walk through the house one more time I want to cry. Before a tear can leak out of my eye it is time to go. Waving goodbye from the car door window I prepare myself for the journey ahead. Destination; Rockford, Michigan. Throughout the long car ride, anticipation, boredom, and scariness’ are bubbling inside of me. Sound asleep, I hear my mom yell, “Welcome to Michigan!” now our family tradition. Though this seems like an accomplishment I know we still have a long journey ahead of us. Finally after six hours we pull into the driveway of 223 Arbor Dr. Rockford Michigan. Excitement rushes through me and I can’t wait to walk inside the doors of our new “home”. To us our three bedroom, two bath house was an amazing masterpiece. Along with our yard and the friendly neighbors.

Though getting used to not living by family was a struggle, my family and I settled into our new home and neighborhood fairly quickly. From making new friends, to family picnics in downtown Rockford were truly blessed. Though our family and friends in Xenia, Ohio were not far from our thoughts, we are very glad to have this opportunity of living here. At times it is sad knowing your family is over 300 miles away, but it is worth it. This chapter of my life has been happy, exciting, and very sad. Through all the sad and hard times all I needed was to tell myself, big girls don’t cry!

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