March 10, 2011
By JrHill SILVER, Galax, Virginia
JrHill SILVER, Galax, Virginia
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She was an average high school girl. There was nothing extraordinary about her. She wasn’t exceptionally beautiful; she wasn’t exceptionally smart or talented at any one particular thing. Her grades were only low in classes that were filled with idiots that hindered her learning experience. She was also very quiet and soft-spoken. None of these unexceptional qualities, however, kept him from stalking her.

It started one day in the hallway. She was walking briskly towards the library for fifth period. He, that is to say Joshua, came up behind her silently. He followed her for a few minutes not making his presence known.

Just before she turned down the hallway for the library he leaned forward and whispered in her ear, “Rachel, I’m stalking you.” Following that admission of creepiness she could feel his gaze upon her as she practically ran down the rest of the hallway. She sat next to her friends and told them what had just happened.

“Well, that’s Joshua for you. He is a mega creeper,” was Rick’s response.

“I know. He used to just stare at Kayla’s a** in Algebra 2. I’m not shocked at all that he’s finally moved up to stalking,” Jacob added to Rick’s response.

The period continued in a normal fashion: Jacob frequently molested Rick and the three of them made jokes at one another. The routine continued when Xianghua arrived from Governor’s School, with minute amounts of creepiness directed towards her as well.

This routine of creepiness continued at the same level for a few weeks until Joshua did something else to a new extreme. Rachel was sitting in her car at Crossroads getting ready to come to the school. She was getting ready to start her car when she heard a tapping noise on her window. She looked to see who it was only to see Joshua staring at her. When he saw her looking at him he lifted his hand and waved in a slow creepy manner to which Rachel responded with a small wiggling of her fingers and immediately turned to stare at the dashboard. Immediately she heard more tapping on her window, and turning cautiously she saw Joshua staring intently at her for a few minutes before walking off slowly to his own vehicle.

Rachel started her car and sped for the school, even though she knew that he didn’t go straight to school from Crossroads; he always went home first to ‘feed’ his cats. What he fed them we will not discuss as it is only speculation and highly disturbing. Rachel got to fifth period and divulged this new information to Jacob and Rick.

“Well, Rachel, it seems that John is trying to say he wants you to be his new kitty cat,” said Jacob. This statement did not illicit any further conversation on the topic as Rachel and Rick both cringed in fear/disgust.

With the creep-o-meter at a new high the conversations stayed the same with a few awkward moments caused by Joshua’s entrance and exit of the library. This new high was soon broken, but it wasn’t the creepiest thing done to Rachel this year.

It was a stormy day. The clouds were grey and heavy with rain. The sun was nonexistent in the afternoon sky and rain pelted the windows with the howling wind. It was 12:45, time for lunch. We made our way out of the library to eat and saw him standing outside in the door to the left. Immediately the sky got darker and the darkness seemed to condense around him in such a way that when Rachel came around the corner all she saw was a dark silhouette outside the door, but she knew it was him from the shiver of fear that ran down her spine. With a small squeak of terror she pressed up against the wall around the corner and waited for a few moments to calm herself before coming back out.

Joshua had heard her squeak and had looked inside just as she went back around the corner. He walked across to the other door and went in. The sky lightened and the eerie mood vanished, for the moment. It returned when Joshua walked back into the library hallway and went out the other door walking through the rain. We don’t know where he went, and we don’t care to know.

The creepiest thing Joshua did occurred later on that month. Rachel and Joshua were in the parking lot. He had his belt hanging around his shoulders and Rachel was walking towards the school. Using it like a whip, Joshua lashed out with his belt popping her on the ***. Then, and this is the creepiest part, he grabbed both extremities of the belt and looped it around her waist pulling her against him. He held her there for several moments against her desperate struggles for freedom. When he finally let her go she ran into the school and away from him. Rachel now lives in fear of Joshua and tries desperately to avoid any interaction with him if at all possible. Rick and Jacob still make the odd joke about Joshua creating a race of cat-people and sometimes even the possibility that he had named one of his cats Rachel so that he could pretend it was the actual Rachel as he procreated with it.

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