In The Other World

March 9, 2011
I was staying up late for the last couple of weeks plying video game. My mom told me to go to bed, but I wasn’t that much tiered. However, after couple of hours my eyes start closing slowly. Then the last thing I remembered I was in a plane flying from Sweden to Los Angeles. Now I was in the middle of a desert and there was no one. I could not see anything, except the sky which looked like it was touching the ground in every direction. I could not even saw the plane far away from where I am standing and I didn’t think there will be any survivor. Then I decided to travel in one direction and I chose the West where the sun was setting. I do not know why I chose that direction, but I started to travel. I walked for hours and hours. I slept in caves and under big stones. I killed animals, like bighorn sheep, for my food. Two weeks after I started traveling, I finally saw something which looked like a house and I hurried in that direction. I knocked, but there wasn’t any answer. The door was unlocked so I went inside. No one was there. I was very excited because I’d found shelter and may be food too.
I walked through every room in the small, but I could not find anyone. When I walked to the kitchen I saw a lot of food. There was meat, vegetables and fruits, so I ate as much as I could. After I finished eating I realized that every thing in the house is meant for really big and strong people and I got confused and scared at the same time. However I was very tired, so I slept on the chair I was sitting in. When I woke up, I was on some kind of bed and my hands and legs were tied. I thought I was having a nightmare and I tried to calm down myself but I wasn’t dreaming; it was real. Then suddenly these huge people enter the room and started talking in a weird language that I had never heard.
When I saw these people I knew it was not good to stay there longer. So I started figuring out how I could skip from that place, and I remembered that I had a pocket knife that I carry with me all the time. I managed to wriggle my hand to my pocket and fished it out. I cut the rope from my hand first then I cut from my leg. It was very hard thing to do, but I did it because I understood: if I didn’t leave that place I may end up dead, I never seen people like this. Thus I slowly went out from the room and looked for someone, but there was no one like when I came first.
Once more I started to travel where my legs took me hoping that, next time I would reach somewhere better and nice. I traveled for days before I reached another city. This time I saw more human like figures and I think it was some kind of holiday, because there were a lot of people gathering together. When I approached them everybody stopped what they were doing and started looking at me in silence. I was very scared and I didn’t know what to do. So I stood there and I stared back at them.
Finally one person approached me and said something to me in a native language. I did not know what he said so I told him in a sign language that I could not hear him. Then he pointed to the big building in front of us and told me to walk with him, with a sign language I understand what he was trying to tell me when he point at me and the building. Then I followed him and he told me to sit down and I did. After a few minutes another person came to me and told me the queen wanted to see me, but this time this person speaks English a little bit. I was very glad when I heard the English words came out of his mouth. I asked him his name and why the Queen wanted to see me, but he didn’t answer. He told me I needed to eat, wash and change clothes before I meet the queen. So he took me to one room and gave me food and cloth and he told me he would be back and take me to the queen.
After I showered and ate and I waited until the man came. He knocked on the door and came in. He told me to follow him. While we were walking toward where the queen was very short lady stopped us and whispered to the guys ear. Suddenly the guy git very angry. I saw his face getting red and his eyes were getting bigger. I did not know what that short lady told him but I don;t think it was good thing. Before I knew it he turned his face to me and said “we were fine before you came here.” I had no idea what he was talking about so I just stared at him.

Right at that moment I heard someone calling my name and it was a familiar voice. I was confused because I did not tell my name to anyone, but someone was calling me again and again, and I could hear it clearly. I began to look for the person who was calling me, but I could not find it. Finally, when I opened my eyes my mom was seated on my bed and calling my name softly, and she said, “You will be late to school son, wake up.” After I woke up I thought about the dream and tried to connect it to my life, but I did not know who the queen was or who the guy who I was following.

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