The Other Girl

March 11, 2011
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She leaned over me to put out her burning cigarette. Her naked skin touched mine sending shivers down my spine. I gently massaged her shoulders as she let out a small giggle. God, she was so cute. Her skin was cold and brittle; I wished only to warm her up.

“You’re shivering,” I noted.

“Just a bit cold,” she said.

I wrapped my arms around her in my attempt to make her warm. I rubbed my hands down every inch of her fragile body.

“You’re beautiful,” I said.

“Oh, please. That’s just what a guy says to get into a girl’s pants.”

“Well, I’m still here, aren’t I? And I’m still telling you you’re beautiful because it’s true.”

She was always so cynical; it drove me crazy. She was especially cynical with guys; she thought they were all bad, and I would do anything to prove her wrong.

She rested her head on my chest and remained silent for a while as she listened to my heart beat/ Finally, she said, “you are here…for now. It’s only a matter of time before you…” She trailed off as she shut her eyes. She looked so beautiful, so amazing. I never wanted to leave her side, but my watch disagreed. It was a quarter past nine. Anna had probably almost finished applying her red shimmering lip-gloss, smiling at her reflection in the mirror because, in her mind, she had the best fiancé in the world. I opened my mouth to let out a deep sigh. If only she knew.

Carefully, I struggled to lift her head off of my chest, resting it gently on her purple pillow. I grabbed my faded Tommy Hilfiger Straight Leg Jeans and was about to step my right foot into them when I noticed her eyes shoot open.

“Is it already time,” she said. It was barely above a whisper.

“Huh?” I mumbled.

“For you to leave me?”

I leaned in closer to her as my nostrils filled up with the sweet aroma of her perfume. I let her lips touch mine, and I felt the same sensation I felt when I always kissed her sweet lips. “I have to go right now, but I’ll call you later tonight,” I said before kissing her one last time. “I promise.”

I drove to the park with no sound but the constant thoughts that ran through my head, and the sound of the rather loud engine purring underneath my feet. The park: it was where Anna and I had our first date, where we fell in love, and, also, where I asked her to be my wife.

When I pulled into the parking lot, I could already see Anna’s auburn hair peaking out from the top of the bench, our bench. She was waiting for me. I quickly got out of the car and embraced her in my arms.

“Hi, Anna,” I said, casually.

“Hi, Henry," she said. "I missed you."

“Me too.”

I kissed her, but underneath my eyelids, I saw nothing but the other girl, looking as beautiful as ever. Out lips parted as she stared at me.

“Are you okay?” She asked with a hint of sincerity.

“Of course,” I said.

“There’s something on your mind.”

“Only you…I love you, Anna,” I said, smiling to myself. And then, I leaned in for another kiss.

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