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March 15, 2011
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Narrator: Always the quiet one, diligent, obedient; that was Kimerberly. The perfect student. She worked while others played.
[scene] Kim sitting, studying while others run about, make noise and talk loudly.
Fade Out.
Narrator: Until one day when that all changed.
[scene] Kim walking down corridor, hurrying to class when Stephen bumps into her, knocking her books to the floor. Both bend to pick them up and their hands touch...
Kim: I’m sorry.
Stephen: No it’s my fault.
[scene] Stephen smiles (captivatingly). Kim rushes to class. Stephen watches her go.
Fade Out.
Narrator: His attraction for Kim, blossomed.
[scene] Kim in class. Stephen walks in and hands teacher a note. Teacher examines note. Kim is excused.
Kim: (confused) Why am I being called to the office?
Stephen: You’re not.
[scene] The two walk down the corridor. Stephen holds her hand. Kim looks uncomfortable.
Stephen: I like you. A lot.
Kim: (silence)
[scene] Kim returns to class looking quiet bothered.
Voice In Kim’s Head(VIKH): Though she would never let on, his presence bothered her..not only emotionally but physically as well.
Narrator: Stephen is now everywhere she turns.
[scene] Kim walks past him in the corridor.
[scene] Kim sitting in classing. Stephen waving at her by the door.
Narrator: She tries to distract herself by drawing on her notebooks.
[scene] Kim draws hearts on her cover.
Narrator: Two weeks later..
[scene] Stephen gambling with friends. Kim approaches and hands him a piece of paper.
VIKH: She’s not quite sure why she’s doing this.
Stephen: What’s this? (unfolds paper.) (smiles.)
[scene] Zoom in on paper with words ‘Call me’ and Kim’s phone number. Kim walks away. Stephen’s friends give him props.
Narrator: They talked on the phone for hours and hours and hours.
[scene] Kim and Stephan on the phone laughing and talking.
Fade Out.
[scene] Kim in classing writing Stephen’s name on her books.
Narrator: They had been together a month and a half now and he was already having a negative effect on her life.
[scene] teacher handing out test papers. Kim receives hers.
Narrator: Her first C
[scene] zoom in on grade.
VIKH: She doesn’t care.
[scene] Kim proceeds to draw hearts on her test paper
Fade Out.
[scene] kim at soccer practice. In front goal post. Leaning against post, texting. Ball whips past her.
Opposing team: (cheers. High fives each other)
Kim team member 1: Kim! What was that?!
Team member 2: Get your head in the game!
Team member 3: Easy save Kim, easy save!
Fade out.
[scene] Stephen and friends out of class, liming.
Jack: Yo you hit it yet? (to Stephen)
Stephen: Nah man she aint like that. She’s different.
Tom: (laughs) You know you wanna tap that!
Group: ( Laughs)
Fade out.
[scene] Kim and Stephen holding hands walking home after school.
Narrator: The two had become inseparable.
[scene] Stephen kisses Kim goodbye.
Fade Out.
[scene] Kim and Stephen talking on the phone.
Stephen: I’ve...never felt this way before
Kim: me either
Stephen: I think...I love you
Kim: really?
Stephen: yeah
Fade Out.
[scene] Kim and Stephen kissing in the hallway. Kim walks into class.
Friends: OOOOOOH!!!!
Kim: What?
Friend A: I know that look
Friend B: yeah, you love him!
Kim: (blushes) whatever
Stacey: (enters room and says to class) Party. Saturday night. My place.
[scene] Kim and friends dancing at party. Stephen asks her to dance. They dance. Then get a drink.
Stephen: you look beautiful.
Kim: Thanks
[scene] they start making out.
Stephen: It’s getting noisy down here, let’s go somewhere quieter.
[scene] they walk up stairs, into a room and close the door.
A few minutes later.
Kim: I don’t think I’m ready...
Stephen: Don’t you love me?
Kim: Yeah...
Fade out.
Narrator: It’s been three weeks since the party and no one has seen nor heard from Stephen and Kim is worried out of her mind.
[scene] Jack pulls Kim away from her group of friends on her way to class.
Jack: (looks at the floor, says in a low voice) he’s in the hospital
Kim; OMG! What happened?
Jack: (meets her eyes) he’s got HIV
Kim: (gasp, tears well up in her eyes)
Jack: get yourself tested
Kim: for what?! Hiv? Who me!? (fake laugh)
Fade out.
Narrator: HIV has become a growing concern today In T&T especially in young people.
VIKH: Abstinence is key but if you MUST, then use a condom because it could happen to anyone like
Tall boy: me (point to self)
Short girl: or me (look away)
Tall girl: and me (point to self)
Short boy: or me (look down)
Teacher: and me (look at camera)
Principal: or me (look at camera)
Old person: even me (look at camera)
Group of students: And it can happen to you (point to camera)

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