Help Me Chapter 5: New Love: Though not For Me?

March 15, 2011
By sandhawk3000 PLATINUM, Collinsville, Connecticut
sandhawk3000 PLATINUM, Collinsville, Connecticut
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“The love that lasts the longest is the love that is never returned.” ~ William Somerset Maugham

Or Perhaps

“Your heart is my piñata.” ~ Chuck Palahniuk quotes

I’m not really sure which of those quotes I like better, and I’m also not entirely sure whether this chapter of my life is about love…or about…comedy? And calling it a lomedy or a cove just made me want to hit my head against a wall repedeatly.

But this chapter is less about me than the others have been, and more about something I’ve been doing recently to get my mind off of things. Lately, I’ve been noticing that some of my friends would make really good couples, though the main couple I’d be interested in getting together was my little sister…and Billy. Really, they were perfect for each other.

He was an eleventh grader, and horrendous at math. While Kara was a tenth grader, and better at math than Billy ever was. They were just perfect…he could fail his math quizzes, and Kara could better prepare him for those that were coming up later. Plus…it was kind’ve obvious that those two liked each other. It was a win-win situation, no matter how you looked it. Billy got to pass math for once, and both Kara and Billy got a good relationship out of it.

I’d been planning a way to start it off actually, and all that came to mind was well…math. I bet you thought I was going to say Chemistry…no for some reason Billy actually does well in that class, beats me.
Mainly the idea was to get Kara to help Billy out on his upcoming Algebra quiz…and that was all I got. It felt like a kind’ve good idea to me, if I’d y’know…completed it.
Now I was just waiting for the man of the hour to show up, tapping a finger against my chin as I waited impatiently. Kara just sitting on the couch, doodling her math notebook as she waited for him to show up. I bet she was a little excited, or peeved that I had her helping Billy with math on a Saturday afternoon.
I jumped off the window seat as soon as his mom’s car pulled into the driveway, “He’s here!” I yelled, as Kara stared at my wide eyed. Wow…I really did need to tone things down a little bit, or I might go and give myself away.
“W-Well this math quiz is very important to him…” I muttered, starting to ramble off incoherent things, as Kara just shook her head. She as well as I knew that Billy really could care less about the grade he got in math. He just didn’t want to have to repeat the class, and sit through it again during his senior year.
Okay…so I had to start thinking now, what was a good way to forcibly make people admit that they liked each other? Then my eyes fell on the closet, a chair a couple of inches away from it. A smirk played against my lips, as I held in the urge to laugh manically. I masked it with a small smile as soon as Kara glanced over at me; she probably already thought I was crazy by now.
As soon as Billy was in the door, I knew that I had to act, and I had to act fast. My mom wished his mother off politely, and went out to the grocery store. Perfect, she’d be gone for like an hour, right?
It was then that my brilliant plan was hatched into action, I lead them both towards the living room, and smirked behind their backs.
“What’s really going on Damien?” asked Kara, glancing back at me, though the next thing was done. I had managed to push them both into the closet, and shove a chair up against the door. I heard talking, and eventually the click of the light, and just basically left them there for half an hour. Went and played my PS3 in the living room to kill time.
I came back after that small amount of time, and freed them. Kara smacked me in the head, and went to help Billy with his math, nothing seemed changed. Maybe I had just p***ed them off a whole lot. I frowned at this, and retreated to my room.
It was later that night, I was in my bedroom, just checking some updates on Facebook. My eyes scanned the computer, and I was still a little p***ed. Billy had stayed for dinner and left, and nothing happened. Then my eyes fell on it, and I felt a smile tugging on my lips. The first status update I saw.

“Kara Trent is now in a relationship with Billy De Luca”

Of course I instantly pressed the like button, cause baby guess what…things just got Facebook official.

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