The Perfect Season

March 15, 2011
By Anonymous

There was a kid that always got picked on in high school. The kids name was DeAngelo Mancini. He came from a family of amazing athletes. The only bad thing was that he was the odd ball out of their family. DeAngelo was not athletic one bit. His older brothers always tormented him and called him names worse than the kids at school. But one night he had a very weird dream that would change his life forever.
It all started when he got into middle school, and his brothers were in high school. It had seemed like they had changed, like they were completely different people from how they used to act. DeAngelo didn’t know what was going on, but he wasn’t going to let that change his mind about being part of the wrestling team. He was tired of everyone always picking on him for not living up to the level of his brothers.
Wrestling season was finally here, DeAngelo had been waiting all year for it. This was his first year competing in any type of physical contact. He went out and got the coolest looking wrestling shoes he could find. He was so happy and ready for it to start. But the first day of practice did go so well…..
Mom: How was practice sweetie?
DeAngelo: It was terrible!
Mom: Why? What happened?
DeAngelo: Nothing, I don’t wanna talk about it!
Mom: …..

DeAngelo stormed off it rage. His mom didn’t know what to do. So she went and checked on him about an hour later, but he was already fast asleep from his practice. It must have been really hard his mom thought.
The next morning she went to get DeAngelo up for school but he didn’t want to go to school. She tried to ask him why but she knew he would of just fault with her. So she just left him be for the time being. The next morning she went in with a bucket of water and said “get your a** up. I’m not dealing with this s*** every day. You’re fifth teen now and need to take some responsibility for once in your life and man up.” DeAngelo didn’t know what to do. His mom had never yelled at him like that before. Obviously he went to school. When he arrived at his school everyone was looking at him weird, pointing and laughing at him. DeAngelo went and hid and bathroom and tried to figure out why his peers were doing this. He thought and thought but came to a blank. He went to class as usual but everyone continued with the insults.

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